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Do you remember earlier this month when I posted thrifted finds? I showed you five dresses that I had found in Charity shops or from the back of mum’s wardrobe. In that post I promised to do a personal style post and here it is. This photo was taken just before my boyfriend took me out for a date at the Picture House in Canterbury. Which is this really good posh burger restaurant, I definitely recommend it. Each burger has a film inspired name which just adds to the charm, I had the ‘godfather’ which as you can image was meaty. If your a fan of man vs food then this place has the dish for you, its called the Terminator which is a meat feast with all the sides, it cost £20 but in true man vs food style if you eat it all you get it free.

The Godfather Burger from the Picture House

Its been a month since I first got back in to blogging and posted that article on Stella McCartney (read it here) which I am very pleased to say got featured in a IFB project round up. I submitted this post think I may as well give it a go and the next thing I knew I had been selected with made the perfect kick start. So much time and effort went into that post, I spend a lot of time reading through books (yes actual books) and various interviews to write a post that was informed and interesting. I don’t know about you but I get bored of simple seeing catwalk photo’s and sometimes I want to know a bit more about the designer them self, so I can understand what motivates and moves them to create the garments that I love.

I am a big believe that if you can do something yourself (and you’ve got the time), why not? This ethos inspired me to write this easy and simple DIY post (read it here) which gives you easy step by step inductions to create your own Dip-Dye shirt. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results and what’s more its a really easy look to achieve.

junejuly roundup

Since then I have also done my first beauty post with product reviews.  This couldn’t have been a more fun post to write as it challenged me to photograph my products in a way that was playful and had a bit more to the images than a white background. Part of what draws me to blogging is the creativity and the challenge to create posts that are more dynamic and useful than the last. One of the challenge has been creating beautiful imagery as I do like to delve in to photography, I am so proud of my most recent post ‘So much more than a man bag: Marvellous men’s accessories from Scandinavia‘ as I really took it upon my self to create an image that could hold it’s own. I would love to know what you think.

I didn’t forget to share my quirky side with you. Just take a look at ROAR-some Pre-Historic Jewellery and Jane Bowler an innovative fashion designer for a taste. 

I have some amazing posts in the pipeline including a series on Margate, so don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already.

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Monthly Round-up| Dark Florals

Thrifted Finds – 4 summer dresses that autumn will love.

Four dresses outfits



Everyone who know me will know that I love a bargain and what better place to find a bargain than in the back of your mum’s wardrobe and charity shops. Its the thrill of the find that makes charity shops so appealing; you can thrift through a lot of charity shops and not find anything but every once in a while you find that gem. One thing I love about fashion is every garment has a story and that’s why I love vintage and charity shop finds as they are memorable. I am going to have to do some personal style shots as I don’t think these images really show of the garments to its best.

Top Left:

Polka dot dress – Found in the back of mum’s wardrobe

I have so many fond memories of this dress. My mum used to wear this when I was a child and it just so happened she usually wore it when when we went to the Zoo hence its nickname – the zoo dress. I adore this dress as its tight fitting around the bust (without being too tight) and the waist then it flares over the hips. I feel really feminine in this dress but  also like how you can rock it up with a leather jacket and some black tights during the autumn.

Top Right:

Dark Floral Motel dress – Found in a local Barnardo’s Charity shop

I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled across this dress for only £3 its one of the most flattering dresses I have ever wore. Its a shame it doesn’t photograph well here but it really nips you in at the waist and skims over the hips. I really like this cut as it flatters you no matter what your shape is. This dress is my new favourite and was perfect to wear at a recent barbecue I went to with a denim jacket thrown over the top.

Bottom Left:

Patchwork print Henry Holland (for debenhams) dress – Found in a local British Heart Foundation

This 50’s style dress with an under layer is perfect for the day and it cost me £8 which is a little more than I usually like to pay but I fell in love with it in the changing rooms. I brought this dress for a London weekend and it was perfect for going in and out of museums and galleries in as its very smart casual without trying to hard.

Bottom Right:

Navy and White body-con dress – Found in the back of mum’s wardrobe

This has to be one of my most versatile dresses, I can wear it as a dress or I can tuck it into high waisted jeans. This dress has seen many nights out as it saves any “I don’t have anything to wear” moments. The cut is very flattering as unlike some body-cons its cut with a curve so its fits around the body with ease.


Thrifted Finds – 4 summer dresses that autumn will love.

Sorry its been awhile…

I’ll skip the usual long winded apology for not blogging in a while and skip to what I have been doing while I’ve been away and how I feel I can make this blog more relevant for today. 

I was in Tesco today and the woman in front of me was at the magazine aisle saying there were no magazine for the modern woman. I’m not sure what this mend to her but to me I understood it as there are no fashion magazine that cater for growing concerns of the modern consumer (is it even appropriate to call our self a consumer). I realised that fashion magazines seem to avoid the eco questions and if they do write about it they seem to trivialize the issues. As a ‘consumer’ my self I look for cloths that both fit my needs and my concious. Fashion designer aren’t going to start catering for these desires other night but one way which us the consumer can do is only buy garments that we love. As Vivienne Westwood said “Buy less, choose well”. What she was saying here is that the key to sustainable fashion is choosing well, choosing garments and accessories which you are going to treasure. In the future I plan to blog about designs which have a sustainable ethos but also designer which I feel can hold a treasured place in your wardrobe. As a student my budget isn’t exactly high, so on the most part I will be sharing vintage, charity shop and high street where I feel choices have been made with longevity in mind. As a fashion student eco fashion has been becoming ever more important in my practise. I wish to learn and seek more information on the subject and as I do I will be sharing it with you as I feel like knowledge however small or insignification it may be should be shared.

I am interested in the concept of local fashion and what this means from a sustainable point of view. Local fashion not only means you are supporting local talent but you are also supporting the local economy. Local fashion is more sustainable as you know that people aren’t being exploited in the process of getting the product made. Local fashion is a small step towards a more sustainable future that is still fashion forward.

As a fashion student I know all to well the importance of trends and I feel it is important to show you the trends but to make it workable in a more sustainable way; whether through DIY, thrifting or local fashion.

I think its fair to say that I am passionate about fashion and making fashion sustainable. But another of my passions is travel. I feel that travel and fashion fits together well in a blog as they are both lifestyle choices. This will also give me the opportunity to blog about local fashion based on what I have learnt from my travels.

Since I’ve been away I’ve been to both Brighton and Calais, so await the blog post to follow.


I just wanted to share with you this cute hair pin that I brought at Clutter City Spring Market at the Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich ( It is by the talented jewellery designer Layla Amber (check out her website: After studying  Graphic design at Norwich University College of the Arts (now NUA) she started to experiment with her illustration by turning them into jewellery and soon after Layla Amber Jewellery was born. Her jewellery is somehow effortlessly simple and marvellously detailed. I  couldn’t not support this British designer with her beautiful designs. Its important that we support the growing talent in Britain not only does it hold up the british flag and support our economy but it also means you get something more unique and individual. This cute wooden and metal hair pin only cost me £3 so not only is it stylish, it doesn’t break the bank. It fits in perfectly with this seasons floral trends but its also a classic piece that can work time other again.



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Sorry its been awhile…

Heirloom Fashion


When ever I compliment someone on a shirt or a piece of Jewellery and they tell me how it was there fathers or Grandmothers, I smile. I smile because it shows how garments and jewellery can be passed down and loved all over again. Its the ultimate vintage. Family Heirlooms have more history than just the date, they can have stories and sentimental value. The Jewellery box above is my Great Gran’s. Or our Wee (Great) Gran as we call her. This Jewellery box is now in the hands of my mother. I have fond memoires of this box growing up, it has an oriental style and when you open it the box sings. It contains one of those mechanisms that chimes a tune when opened, I use to open the box just to hear the beautiful song.


The box contained a collection of costume Jewellery. No real value but a lot of sentimental value. As a child I used to try it on and pretend to be all grown up. I felt the right little lady trying on Jewellery from a real jewellery box. I guess you could say this is my first memory of being interested in fashion and it all stems down to the tune that indiced me to open the box in the first place.



This broach is a key piece from the Jewellery box for me. Its a Scottish thistle, my family come from Scotland originally so for me this holds proud memories. I am very proud of my Scottish roots and my Great Gran was as Scottish as they got. All the warm of a Scott with the tough love that makes a Scott so honest and down to earth.  I remember her yelling at me one night when I wouldn’t go to bed in my own bed, I was terrified but she loved me. Considering I have never been to Scotland you may struggle to understand why I feel so Scottish and I think the answer is a simple one; a nation which is proud makes anyone with a connection to that nation proud to be part of it.



This is another broach which was part of the collection. I used to love trying this on for me I feel an elegant broach is one of the most important pieces of jewellery a woman can own and this probably took its root as a child when I would look through this box and admire.



This string of beads used to capture my young eyes. The sparkles, the pink and purple tones. Growing up I was a tomboy but still the sparkle dazzled my imagination. Looking back at this piece now I realise how unlike this is to my taste but still the memories are there.



This necklace is the reason why I like pearls so much. The catch is broken so I can’t actually wear this piece which is a shame and the fake pearls are losing there paint but that doesn’t take the gleam of things for me. I like the statement catch with three stings of beads coming of this it has an elegance which is strong.

Do you have any much loved family heirlooms? or pieces of Jewellery/garments that were past down to you and you still very much love? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Heirloom Fashion

Never have I had a Sandwich in Sandwich

At the weekend I went to Sandwich  in the lovely county of Kent. I didn’t even know there could be a place called Sandwich, let alone actually be a place. I’m afraid I did try any Sandwich’s from Sandwich. I’ll save that for another time. The weather was marvellous. I’m English, I talk about the weather. Deal with it. We set of first to Sandwich, which I can only describe as a true English town. It was Beautiful with its winding streets and back alleys. Bunting Stretched across the street.


It also happened to be the Sandwich 40’s fair. With 40’s music, vintage cars and Vintage market. It took place in the town Square. The spirit was all in the community and the community was beaming.  The photo below is of one of the performances at the 40’s fair, I wasn’t able to take a great picture of her as she went to leave the stage as I took this. But you can still get a taste of some of the style available at the fair. Their was even a fancy dress theme, if I had of known I’d have dressed up.



There were a few vintage cars (a few being the key word, as I counted about 3). I really liked this Vintage Black Cab. You would defonitly need a stylist but sturdy luggage bag for this gem of a car. I really like the metal GB plates.


This has to be the prettiest most inviting alley way I have ever seen.


I then took a walk down to the Waterfront, where we went to get an ice cream. It has to be said I like a man in button down collar shirt.  We then went for charming walks along the river bank. I wish I could say we fed the ducks but alas we didn’t have any bread.

Then came Margate but you’ll have to wait for that.

Never have I had a Sandwich in Sandwich

Getting Bobby at Cacharel A/W ’12

Hair pins, Kirby grips or bobby pins whatever you know them by you probably have them at the bottom of your handbag or on the side of your desk discarded until you need to secure your hair again. Its amazing how a box pull can dwindle down to a few near forgotten grips. But its time they took more centre stage to a hair style rather than  foundations to one. Three neat slipped hair pins can give a vintage look in seconds.  Not only are hair grips a key part of securing your favourite hairstyle but they are also an accessories that should be on show.

Do you remember the last time you did your hair with bobby pins? Hoping that no one could see those “invisible” hair pins. Those days are long gone the brighter and more colourful the better. In writing this post I tried to find some brightly coloured hair pins and failed. So why not get your DIY on and paint your own.

The image above shows the hairstyle from Cacharel A/W ‘12 and is a reminder that if your clothes haven’t made centre stage yet, start with the hair. The rest will surely follow.

 The image above shows Cara Delevingne working her show hair. Showing you that this hair style can work for you even if you are a bit of a Tomboy.
Getting Bobby at Cacharel A/W ’12