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The Secret Wardrobe Margate is a woman’s boutique which is over flowing with Italian and French clothing, scarves, handbags and jewellery. They describe them self as an Aladdin Cave and this wouldn’t be far from the truth; every nook and granny is filled with something delightful.

If you read my last Margate post All in a day in Margate| part one  you will know that I recently spent the day in Margate and it was during that visit that I stumbled upon this gem of boutique. As with ever shop and boutique there are going to be things that aren’t to your taste but that simply means there is going to be something for everyone. And it can be said that I have a particular taste for handbags despite having only 4 (and only one that I really use) and the Secret Wardrobe does not disappoint with its selection of clutches, Totes and other handbags. There is one in particular which I regret buying and it is this lovely creamy leather envelope clutch with gold detailing which you see below. I was eyeing up this bag as its the perfect utility clutch which has the right amount of sophistication for a night out but could equally be dressed down for a lunch with the girls.

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As I mentioned earlier not a corner was bare which made for a visual treat. You didn’t know where to look and it didn’t matter as it allowed you to scan all of the wonders this boutique holds to uncover the gems that no one else spotted. I had to take the picture below as it really gives you a taste of what to expect when you visit the Secret Wardrobe.  
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Maybe I have an obsession with creamy colours. And this beautiful laser cut handbag with an elegant beaded chain certainly didn’t go unnoticed and how could it. Its everything you need in an occasion handbag its elegant, small yet still fits in everything you need in it. I was drawn to this handbag for its unique chain but I relish this handbag for its laser-cut detail. I don’t believe you could find a bag quite like it any wear else and that’s what I like about the Secret Wardrobe: sometimes you stumble across that gem you have to get. And if you fill your fashion hunger you can always have a wander around Naturally Craft which is the Secret Wardrobes house mate. When I first walked into the shop I was greeted by an old fashion singer (sewing machine but I’m pretty sure you didn’t need me to clarify) and two choices a gift shop full of naturally crafted treats or an Aladdin cave over-flowing with fashion choices. I was completely unaware they were different shops it wasn’t until I got chatting to the lady behind the til I was made aware of this   shop share which I have to say is a brilliant idea as it makes for the perfect place to go gift hunting and perhaps find a treat for your self.

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It has to be said that I like Hand-made soaps, a lot.  To the unhealthy level where I think people will appreciate a bar as a gift as I don’t really need that many. For that reason I usually avoid them but I couldn’t resist there charm for long and soon got in there and sampled the scents for each of these soaps my favourite was Honey and Vanilla as it was the perfect mix of wholesome sweetness. Plus it had this awesome honeycomb pattern. I brought this as a gift and very much hope they appreciate it because I was seriously considering to keep it my self and find them something else. I doubt I’m the only person to like hand made soaps but I’m pretty sure not many of you go shouting about it. What drew me to Hand-made soaps in the first place was there natural properties, the first handmade soap I ever brought was Coconut and rose. What drew me to this divine scent in the first place (after its scent of course) was how good it is for your skin. The natural properties allows the skin to clean without stripping them of there natural oils which makes for happy hands.
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You can find the Secret Wardrobe and Naturally Crafted on 16-18 High Street, Margate. Please visit the staff are lovely and always happy to help. I have more Margate post in the following days so please be sure to follow.

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All in a day in Margate |part two |Boutique