Relaunching ‘savagem’ on the June 24th

relauch savagem

Dear Readers,

Its been a while…but during this time I have really been taking the time to define what savagem is about.

I have decided to relaunch as ‘supposed to creating a new blog as I feel that the blog title refines who I am and what this blog is about. The savagem is a blog with a conscience, sometimes I’m not perfect (just like everyone else) but this blog is about trying to be as fashion conscience as possible. A Savage Gem.

I have always been interested in Sustainable Fashion but I have been less interested in the aesthetics’ but I want to show that fashion can be both sustainable and beautiful. I have also been working on a monthly calender to insure that each month has a mix that is entertaining to read and entertaining to write.

Each month have the following features:

  • Editorial
  • A letter from me
  • fashion
  • Designer/Brand profile
  • Beauty

I am going to have a lot more focus from now on as I am writing this with a clear direction. For a while I have been writing this when I feel this and in doing that the blog doesn’t have a defined feel.

I blog to share my passions.




Relaunching ‘savagem’ on the June 24th