Style Stays, take inspiration from the men.

Has everyone forgot the meaning of style to follow the trends. I was admiring my boyfriends wardrobe, which for the record is full of vintage, suits and even the odd vest when it struck me. What made his style so amazing and polished was that he wasn’t following the trends. What made his personal style was his taste. He had a taste and an eye, he focuses on quality buys and spends a bit more on timeless pieces rather than heading to Topman for the latest trend which will be different in two weeks anyway. Is your wardrobe losing its unique voice because your following the trends?

One thing that’s been on my mind is the whole street-style thing, is it killing trends and promoting style or following trends? On the one hand many street photographers are failing to forecast trends preferring to photograph trends that are already happening. Which makes for good for pretty imagery but is hardly the next big thing. However it could be said they are

merely promoting personal style. I have seen a lot of Street-style images and most of the girls in them look like they have just stepped out of Topshop. They are part of a trend but is this style? Where do the lines over lap? There is a fine line between keeping in trend and personal style. Someone may follow trends but still have a style. Its important to remember that fashion fades and style stays. It could be said that street-style is promoting personal style as it isn’t being controlled by one group of people. Street style is the peoples style. There is no trend as its what people where on a day-to-day basis with elements in there wardrobe which they have had for years.Has street style killed tends by being about personality’s? Yes and No. As just as many personality’s there are the pretty stylist things. But I feel its half way there. It may me impossible to be 100% unique but it is possible to be 100% you. Its just about deciding what is you. What is it that you like and look for? When you have answered these questions you are half way there.  For me Street Style should be about the person as much as the outfit,  following the creativity rather than the trends. Promoting style rather than trends. Inspiring you to create your style rather than copy the image.

In some ways you could say the new trend is style. I thing style is a key element in mens fashion as it is all about style, quality and attention to detail. It doesn’t scream in your face but never fails to impress. Why do you think that James Bonds style is just as attractive today as it was back then? I for one have been inspired by men’s fashion; focus on quality and detail. Everything else will fall into place.

Style Stays, take inspiration from the men.