What does Transparency in fashion mean to you?

What does Transparency in fashion mean to you? And for the clarification I am not talking about how see-through clothing. No I am referring to the traceability and transparency of the manufacturing process in fashion. Do we really know where are clothes come from? The dress I am wearing says made in china but what does that mean other than at some point during the process of manufacturing that this dress was handled by a machinist in china. What about the fabric, fastenings and trimmings? In truth this dress is most likely global there is no real place it can be defined as having been made in only finished in. I’m not going to name drop but one particular British brand gets there products manly produced in Turkey then finished in Ireland just so they can obtain a Made in Britain label. I am sure they are not alone in this. With this information brought to light, it really questioned everything I thought I knew and lead me to postponing a project I had in the pipeline as I knew I had to really understand everything I could about transparency. The fact is its going to be hard to make Transparency to happen due to the spread of the manufacturing and supply chain. I understand now that to really understand where are clothes come from you have to look beyond the made in label and search further.

Transparency can lead to a more Sustainable and ethical future in fashion as it allows you the customer to really understand where your garments come from and make informed decisions based on this. The fact is the reality of fast fashion manufacturing is hard to put in to context as its very hard to relate to, so how can you be passionate for a cause you don’t really understand? Transparency would give you the opportunity to understand how your clothes are made.

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Do you even care about transparency?

Would your fashion choices be effected by transparency?

What does Transparency in fashion mean to you?

Its may not be a BAFTA but I still have a speech

I can’t stop smiling. Ever since I discovered that I had been selected for Independant Fashion bloggers links a la mode I haven’t been able to keep a smile from my face. Okay its not a BAFTA or an Oscar but it is at least recognition for my efforts to fashion blogging. If you haven’t guessed already I am passionate about fashion which is why I write this blog but to find out that people not only read my blog they also enjoy it.

I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, to IFB for selecting my link.


I would definitely give the other blogs that were selected some love  and give them a read. Why not pour your self a glass of chilled lemonade and unwind in the garden while reading some great posts on fashion.

On a Trend Bender

Summer is actually the best time to play around with trends. You know why? Because summer is the the best time play around in general! With all the bold colors and prints, the great summer sales, and gorgeous weather, it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of going bold. This week’s roundup has wonderful links to get you in the mindset to try new trends, even ones you don’t think you’d look good in. We’ve even got a great DIY for leather shorts, if you’re crafty and don’t want to shell out the dough for a store-bought pair. And even if you’re not crafty, there’s a great guide to hitting the summer sales. If you’re anything like me, it’s too easy to get caught up in a good deal, so I need all the help I can get not to overspend. Anyway, here are the links for the week. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode: July 25th, 2013


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Its may not be a BAFTA but I still have a speech

So much more than a manbag: Marvellous men’s accessories from Scandinavia

You probably aren’t aware of the amazing taste my boyfriend has. He has effortless taste which I envy…only little a bit. He has an amazing eye for detail and he is even good at picking out clothes for me (We went to Margate the other day and we picked out a really cute dress for me, I’ll do a post on it soon). Among his impeccable taste and effortless sense of style, he is also the most organized person I know.  His taste combined with his need to organize has result in discovering some amazing brands that I may not have discovered if it had not been for these bags.


Wood Wood is a Danish brand that has managed to situate it’s self as not quite street wear and outside high-fashion. Wood Wood sit between design and art forms while exploring a mutual exchange of ideas between the customer. Wood Wood’s aestic is subdued but in this it does not lose it’s identity and impact. The first time I came across Wood Wood was when my boyfriend ordered this beautiful purse of the internet. For something so simple it didn’t fail to impress as essentially it is just a leather purse but its bewitching hold is down to two things: the quality and the detailing put into this mens purse. The leather used is the kind of leather which you know will only get better with age. When you hold this leather purse you feel like you are holding part of something and that something can only be described as the world that is WOOD WOOD

mens purse fashion accessories

wood wood mens fashion detail

The image above shows the beautiful detailing of the zip. Its amazing how something as simple as a woven piece of leather on the zip can add so much luxury. To me detailing is what makes fashion last the test of time. You know that this purse will be loved and re-loved; it is a one hit wonder. This beautiful (there is no other word for it) leather purse is a staple that will outlast trends.

Personally I love a product that comes in great packaging as you know that little bit extra effort has been put in. Great packaging leads to almost automatic association with luxury, it gives you that butterfly feeling that confirms that this is a treat. Its that emotional link created with this product that strengthen’s this products sustainability. Its a well known fact that if you have an emotional link to a piece of clothing or an object you are more reluctant to throw it out even when it is falling apart. And its fair to say Wood Wood has nailed its packaging.wood wood fashion mens accessory packaging


Sandqvist is a Swedish bag brand that design bags for urban lifestyles and that can be used everyday. The Sandqvist signature is uncomplicated and beautiful with a clear Swedish Heritage. They use hard-wearing materials teams with details that result in everyday functionality. It is this functionality that I adore about Sandqvist, its uncomplicated and does a job but there is still beauty in its constructor. I first heard of Sandqvist when my boyfriend brought this Khaki washbag as he was looking for something which would fit everything in but still small enough to pack in his suitcase. This bag seems to focus so much on old-school functionality it pretty much stumbles on style accidentally. Just looking at the quality of this bag you know that every placement and stitch is there for a reason. I can’t quite place my finger on what makes it so good-looking but I think its somewhere between being thoughtful and not trying to hard. I want to talk about Zips, which might not be the most exciting of topics but certainly a key feature in the desirability of this bag. It has a Zip that feels, sounds and looks quality. You know the Zips I mean, the one you play with when your bored as it run smoothly with out a hitch.

sandqvist bag mens fashion accessories

sandqvist bag mens accessories

More from SANDQVIST 

This simple cardholder says everything about Sandqvist that needs saying. Its simple, functional and elegant in a manly sort-of-way. The leather is strong and smooth, the sort of leather that will get better with age. Cardholders were never on the top of things I needed but there is more functionality in this than you can imagine. It cures a simple problem I have: Taking a bag out that is too small to carry my purse in. This little cardholder is bigger enough to hold a couple of bank cards plus I.D and a little bit of cash.And if your the sort of girl or guy that goes on a night out but doesn’t want the restrictions that carrying a bag holds you can simply slip this in your pocket.

sandqvist cardholder mens accessories

fashion mens accessories

Sandqvist have achieved packaging which adds to that emotional link with a product as well as staying in line with there brand. Sandqvist packaging is functional and some-what handsome. There is nothing to fancy about it but this doesn’t take away from the impact that the right packaging can have. The fact it comes in great packaging confirms the fact that this cardholder would make a great gift whether you were searching for your man or your best friend.

mens fashion accessories

Its fair to say you will be hearing about these brands again from me as they cater for the functionality and aesthetic’s I hold.

Even though the products I have feature are targeted at men there is something in them that caters for both gender.

Let me know what you think of WOOD WOOD and SANDIQVIST in the comments.

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So much more than a manbag: Marvellous men’s accessories from Scandinavia

Style Stays, take inspiration from the men.

Has everyone forgot the meaning of style to follow the trends. I was admiring my boyfriends wardrobe, which for the record is full of vintage, suits and even the odd vest when it struck me. What made his style so amazing and polished was that he wasn’t following the trends. What made his personal style was his taste. He had a taste and an eye, he focuses on quality buys and spends a bit more on timeless pieces rather than heading to Topman for the latest trend which will be different in two weeks anyway. Is your wardrobe losing its unique voice because your following the trends?

One thing that’s been on my mind is the whole street-style thing, is it killing trends and promoting style or following trends? On the one hand many street photographers are failing to forecast trends preferring to photograph trends that are already happening. Which makes for good for pretty imagery but is hardly the next big thing. However it could be said they are

merely promoting personal style. I have seen a lot of Street-style images and most of the girls in them look like they have just stepped out of Topshop. They are part of a trend but is this style? Where do the lines over lap? There is a fine line between keeping in trend and personal style. Someone may follow trends but still have a style. Its important to remember that fashion fades and style stays. It could be said that street-style is promoting personal style as it isn’t being controlled by one group of people. Street style is the peoples style. There is no trend as its what people where on a day-to-day basis with elements in there wardrobe which they have had for years.Has street style killed tends by being about personality’s? Yes and No. As just as many personality’s there are the pretty stylist things. But I feel its half way there. It may me impossible to be 100% unique but it is possible to be 100% you. Its just about deciding what is you. What is it that you like and look for? When you have answered these questions you are half way there.  For me Street Style should be about the person as much as the outfit,  following the creativity rather than the trends. Promoting style rather than trends. Inspiring you to create your style rather than copy the image.

In some ways you could say the new trend is style. I thing style is a key element in mens fashion as it is all about style, quality and attention to detail. It doesn’t scream in your face but never fails to impress. Why do you think that James Bonds style is just as attractive today as it was back then? I for one have been inspired by men’s fashion; focus on quality and detail. Everything else will fall into place.

Style Stays, take inspiration from the men.