Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

LOVE magazine collection fashion Elle Vogue

I love print media (especially magazine’s) some say I might even be slightly addicted. I remember clearly when this addiction started it was my first year of college when we were encouraged to look at fashion magazines to gain an awareness of the industry and I picked up the November 2009 issue of Vogue which as coincidence would have it also starred Georgia May Jagger. I picked it up of the market for a £1, this was the first and last time I saw an issue of uk vogue on the market which then sparked my love for the £4 an issue glossy. So much about this issue was wrong yet it was filled with personality a personality which I haven’t seen in many issues since.
Part of the attaction of print media is it portablity. You can read it anywhere; in the bath, in bed, at the beach, on the train. And not have to worry about it getting stolen or dropping it in the bath (unless you collect them like me, more on that later). Its this ease of reading which makes it such a joy to read and allows you the pleasure of self indulgence. I find the perfect way to relax is flicking through a glossy magazine and eating chocolate. For me this is the ultimate me time where I can relax in silence while staying away from the computer screen.
I love magazines as the writing is just as important as the images (if not more so). There are very few blogs or websites for that matter that I can pour over like a magazine. Very often I read blogs with very little writing that have aced the imagery and this is all very good for getting inspiration about what real people wear but every now and then I want to read something to inspire my creative side. Even the wonderful Susie Lau at Style Bubble doesn’t manage to have it all. She writes amazing editorials which are both informative and personal, she allows her self to become relatable while mingling in a world which is just out of reach for the everyday person. What I love about her blog is the quality of writing with great images and to be honest I have yet to find a blog that meets up to her. I can find plenty of personal and street style blogs but its rare that I stumble across a fashion blog which has such emphasis on writing. I feel this is the strength of the magazines is the writing and they should capitalise on that. I am currently reading LOVE magazine and I assure you it is well worth the £6 I pay as it only comes out every six months and has enough text and great photo spreads to keep be occupied for a while not to mention it looks great on the coffee table (you would hardly want to leave your ipad laying around).
I love magazines for the amazing photo shoots which have been shot by the likes of Bill Bailey and Tim Walker which I reference more in my work than I do fashion designers as in these photoshoots they bring everything together starting with a story, a character and then bringing in the clothes and the props to create something that is visually inspiring and worthy of being a tear-sheet in my sketch book. On some levels I think fashion photography might even be underrated and I would certainly like to see more fashion photography exhibition’s about.
tim walker magazine photoshoot spread
Another reason why magazines still hold such a force in a digital world is creditability.  I’m not saying that magazines get there facts straight all the time or don’t have investors to please but you can generally count on the editorials you read to be back up by solid research and facts. For example I am much more likely to trust an article I read in a magazine about the exercise and health than I would on the internet as they have more liability if they get there facts wrong than a blog. After all on the internet anyone can publish anything and even with the best of intentions stories and facts can be lead array with personal feelings and opinions. I can think of several things I have read knowing full well that it has been dosed with a lot of personal opinion and I guess that comes with the nature of blogging as generally you are writing something that comes very close to the home and are personal to you in some way or another.
I love magazines for there quality of content and there physical existence (all me old fashioned). Nothing beats holding a good weighty fashion magazine with great paper quality. The strengths of a magazine is its diversity of content in one place, it safes time going to lots of different sources and instead you can just go to one. The dynamics of print media are certainly changing but I believe this will only result in them upping there game and creating more beautiful magazines, I feel it might even go into the realms of collectables after all I collect all of my fashion magazines and I doubt I am alone in this. I see fashion magazines being designed more specifically for this purpose. I can see much more emphasis on paper quality and graphic’s as magazines seek to capitalize on there strengths. I see the quality of the magazines content will increase as they seek to complete with internet sources. I know for one that I will be right behind this move as despite how many blogs I read (which seem to have become an addition rather than an alternative) I will still
I love print media especially magazines. I am slightly addicted and living of student funds but it can’t be said that it is without good reason. They are the perfect way to relax after uni and they can some what count as research….. (after all it houses some amazing photoshoots). I don’t think anything quite does it in the same way after all I can’t collect blogs on my book shelve no matter how great a read they were. There is no doubt I am going to have to cub this addiction but in the mean time you will see me flicking through the pages of LOVE, Vogue, Elle, Oh comely and lets face it any other magazine I can get my hands on. Part of it is definitely related to my tenancy to collect and hold on to inspirational content. Magazines are rich in content that you may not have stumbled upon on line and it will still be there in years to come and won’t get lost in all the mass of content online.
magazine spreads atlanta LOVE
bambi magazine photoshoot magazine spread
Do you prefer reading websites/blogs or print magazine? Perhaps both? Let me know in the comments.

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Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

Philomene beaded necklace . £320.00 Kat&Bee Jewellery

Kat&Bee Jewellery was founded by Kat Barry back in August 2010 out of her inherent passion for style and creativity. She works from her design studio’s in East London to create jewellery that is a perfect mix of contemporary energy and chaotic style. What I love about her work is the youthful energy which could work across all ages. There is something very sophisticated about her work but she doesn’t let that  deter from her creativity which results in jewellery that is very desirable.

There latest collection takes inspiration from the South of France, it capture the spirit of a place that can only be described as glamorous, laid back with a dashes of sophistication by the beach also known as “St Tropez”. I have never been to this sparkling gem of a place myself but I have heard enough about St Tropez to know that this collection capture the spirit of such a place. This collection indulges into a lifestyle which is set aside for the rich and wealth, and I can’t help but be a victim of the allure. This is one collection that I will be lusting over as unfortunately I don’t have the budget yet but its still more attainable than a weekend in St Tropez. If there is one piece of Jewellery I want from the collection most its this Philomene beaded necklace as  I love the way the sunset beads contrast with the Turquoise and off-set by the beaded chain.



Kat&Bee Jewellery, statement necklace, summer jewellery
Oceane Beaded Necklace . £280.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery
statement jewellery
Florence Chain Bracelet . £165.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery
Genevieve Beaded Bracelet . £210.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery

Take a look at there St Tropez Collection here

I would love to know what you think about the St Tropez collection from Kat&Bee, let me know in the comment.



Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

1205 brings new meaning to androgyny

We have had androgynous woman and men in skirts but now there is 1205; a brand that plays on the idea of a unisex wardrobe. Unlike the try hard gimmicks of men in skirts this movement is flawless in process, effortlessly getting the balance right between masculinity and femininity. I’m not really one for minimalist but I had to make an exception for 1205 as I find the idea of a unisex wardrobe intriguing. They are almost legitimizing the idea of sharing your wardrobe with your boyfriend, and I’m not talking about that time you stole his T-shirt. 1205 is sophisticated and (I don’t even know if I should use this word but I am) sexy. Yes I called it, there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing masculine clothes. The way these clothes drape of the female form is something to admire, it says something about the woman. The 1205 woman is laid back and independent qualities that rarely get attached to a woman (in fashion) who are often idolized to a point they seem fictional. That’s what I love about this collection: I can imagine real woman wearing it.

But before I get carried away about the woman lets talk about the man, after all this is a unisex collection. Again the 1205 man is laid back but in a way that only a man completely comfortable with him self could. Its for the man that wants to be suited and booted but wants to walk through tailoring effortlessly. 1205 man retains his masculinity while giving a heads up to femininity. Femininity in menswear is not something to be laughed at nor is it something unattainable, 1205 gets the balance pitch perfect with subtle pleating and removal of excess details.

1205 . Collection


1205 . Collection



1205 . Collection


1205 . Collection

If there is one thing in this collection that I desire most it is these over-sized pin striped trousers (above and below) which subtly suggest relax-ism (I may have made that word up) while retaining dignity. I can imagine pulling these on with a T-shirt tucked in and a leather jacket thrown on for an early morning start at University. Nothing says making an effort effortlessly more than relaxed tailoring.

1205 . Collection




1205 describes there signature as “Restrained modern tailoring” and I couldn’t describe it better. The notion of the fabrics against the Unisex backdrop calls of any indulgences, 1205 is the new modern as its in-excessive even down to the idea that you could potentially share this wardrobe with your other half, nothing beats excessivism more than sharing. Although I’m not sure my boyfriend will buy that when I explain why I should be able to share his shirts.

1205 is more than just androgyny, its more sophisticated than that.

1205 brings new meaning to androgyny

Stella McCartney the fashion designer with a conscience

Stella McCartney is not perfect, but are you?

Stella McCartney

The fashion designer admits there are bound to be contradictions in trying to live and work sustainably. The one thing that I admire about Stella McCartney is she isn’t a preacher. She has these ethical and ecological values but doesn’t push them in to your face; she lets the designs do the talking. The aesthetics are the most important part of a design after all you could have created the most ethically and ecologically sustainable  garment but if no one wears them they lose all of there value. At the end of the day Stella McCartney is creating real clothes for people with a conscience. She said in an interview to the Evening Standard that she’s “not going to stand here and claim to be one hundred per cent green or one hundred per cent perfect all the time” but we still need to give her credit for working towards a better future in fashion.

She is famed for being the designer that refused to use leather or fur when designing for Chloe and she has brought these values forward to her own-name label. And since 2010 Stella McCartney has stopped using PVC in her designs which can only mean good things for the environment. She says that one of the reason she doesn’t use fur or leather isn’t just because she is a vegetarian but also because of the environmental impact of tanneries. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tanneries are listed as one of the top polluters.

As I mentioned early her designers are very aesthetically pleasing and the focus of her designs are always on the look which allows the sustainable values to hold there weight.  Its not a PR stunt just genuine concern. She understands that buyers are after something beautiful  foremostly then they look at the values “Here is this jacket that looks terrible but its organic, and here is a really beautiful jacket that’s cheaper but don’t buy it because it’s not organic.” McCartney has stated that: “we address these [ethical and ecological] questions in every other part of our lives except fashion.”

Stella McCartney is the fashion designer for fashion players with a conscience. Her designs are on trend and conscience. Her latest resort collection lets  the aesthetics do the talking, you will buy garments from the collection because they are beautiful not because Stella McCartney is a sustainable designer (that’s just a bonus) – and for that you have to love her.

Stella McCartney – Resort 2014

Stella McCartney Resort 14 (fig 1)
Stella McCartney Resort 14 (fig 2)

This collection is playful with a touch of sophistication. The colours are like sugar dusk playing with ballerina pink and injecting a pop with blue and yellow. This collection is just as suitable for the day as it is for the night. In my opinion she has used more snake skin print than what is socially tasteful but if anyone can pull it off she can and fig 1 just proves that toughing up a girly dress without a leather jacket. The collection is fresh like a spring day, capturing the hope of a new fresh start. I love the appliqué heart and lips on fig 2 its well thought out but it isn’t taking its self to seriously. That envelop clutch is very desirable  and would add a pop of colour to any outfit. This collection is effortless and just imagine the care free girl that would wear this?

One thing to note isn’t just the garment’s but the way the girls are styled, so fresh faced with a blunt cut. They look like the girl-next-door with something more.

Stella McCartney Resort 14

Stella McCartney creates cloths that will last therefore avoiding the landfills. Sustainability is just as important as recycling. She suggests when looking at your own wardrobe think about the materials that your using. Is it recyclable? How does it make you feel? These are both equally important questions the better a fabric feels against your skin the longer it will have a place in your wardrobe but if a time comes when you decide to part with the garment it is key that is made of recyclable fabric so that it can have new life.

Some of the obstacles she has faced in trying to create a more sustainable products include not manufacturing there own fabric.  Colours can be very limited in the organic ranges are often there isn’t the same depth of colour. So all Stella McCartney tries to use organic fabric and low impact dyes she won’t compromise on quality.

She loves the fact that some people go into her store don’t even know that something is organic or in faux-leather and for her that is the because challenge, having people not notice.

P.S As you may know I have relaunched my blog today and I would love to know what you think of this article.


Stella McCartney the fashion designer with a conscience

Antwerpen Adventures

This is a much needed blog post as I went to Antwerp, Belgium in June. One of my other passions besides fashion is travelling. I love to travel and I rarely use that word. After all that word is so over used in the wrong context but its use here is very much justified. Antwerp for me was a very special trip for me as I went to celebrate my 20th Birthday. I remember the journey quite well as it was the first time I have travelled abroad by Euro Tunnel on a coach rather than by air. To utter the word coach to this day makes my toes wriggle; as waking up at 5 am in the morning to then sit on a coach with no air con for 10 hours  is by no means pleasant (My 12 hour flight to Thailand was luxury  in comparison and that was flying with Phuket air.)  Although it was a novelty to be going underneath the sea. Not to mention No doubts song “Just a girl” (among others) kept me going. “Oh I’ve had it up to here! Oh…”

But those 10 hours were worth it. Antwerp is a beautiful city. The architecture was like art work, each building carefully carved into the landscape.  Antwerp is the romantic city forgotten about. The city whisks you away of your feet as its all you expect and more. This was my first trip to a European city which didn’t disappoint, our hotel was in the Diamond District. If you ever go through this district I recommend sunglasses; the effect is dazzling (and I mean literally). Which I think rounds up my point of Antwerp being a romantic city. With no diamond ring hints.

I know the stereotype says that Belgium is the place for Chocolate and I’m sure thats true however I don’t think that applys to Antwerp as during my long weekend I didn’t find one good chocolate shop. I found independent cake shop, bakery’s, Patisseries even a Jewellery shop which sold chocolate. I spent a chunk of my time looking for Fresh Cream Chocolate as a gift for my Mum. And lets just say she was disappointed with the chocolates I had brought from Carrefour.  There were chocolate shops though but they were to chocolate shops what Starbucks is to coffee shops. But for lack of Chocolate there were Waffles.

And not just any waffles. Strawberry piled, chocolate sauce covered and sugar dusted Waffles. This waffle is as good as it looks. I’m sorry to tease. I guess you’ll have to go to Antwerp just for this waffle, I would if I could find it again. The waffle how was just down the road from ModeMuseum. If I ever go again I’ll just have to circle this area a few times.

After digging in to my Birthday Waffle I head to ModeMuseum (MoMu) to veiw the “en leven in Mode, Vrouwenkleging 1750-1950” exhibition which to under 25’s is only a euro to view. The exhibition showcased fashion wore by the women of Antwerp. And was intesting to view in terms of detail. When I was there I heard one girl comment how she could see these type of clothes at the V and A. If I knew who she was I would have said “Yes you can see clothes from this period at the V and A but you are failing to look at the details. To see this collection as a collective. The fact that these garments were particular to this area of Belgium. And when have you seen a pregnant corset?” Although I’m sure it has a better name than pregnant corset. (Do you know what its called?)

This dress was one that took particular interest from me with its soft floral embroidery and bright red ribbon belt.

That evening was the Antwerp Fashion show by the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine arts Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen. Which will be a night I’ll always remember and a show that I’ll never forget. I remember as I found my seat the excitement that echoed through the warehouse which was located just up from the MAS. The show was just as electric as the anticipation. The show was not for those who had strict views on what fashion is because this Fashion show pushed boundaries and forgot the rules. Antwerp creates, rather than follows. The images below were taken from the Shows book and is only a tasting of what the show had to offer.

Miguel Bouten collection was a vision of beauty and that’s not word that are usually used to describe menswear.

Antwerp is a place that will whisk your heart away and will always be etched in your brain.

Antwerpen Adventures

Never have I had a Sandwich in Sandwich

At the weekend I went to Sandwich  in the lovely county of Kent. I didn’t even know there could be a place called Sandwich, let alone actually be a place. I’m afraid I did try any Sandwich’s from Sandwich. I’ll save that for another time. The weather was marvellous. I’m English, I talk about the weather. Deal with it. We set of first to Sandwich, which I can only describe as a true English town. It was Beautiful with its winding streets and back alleys. Bunting Stretched across the street.


It also happened to be the Sandwich 40’s fair. With 40’s music, vintage cars and Vintage market. It took place in the town Square. The spirit was all in the community and the community was beaming.  The photo below is of one of the performances at the 40’s fair, I wasn’t able to take a great picture of her as she went to leave the stage as I took this. But you can still get a taste of some of the style available at the fair. Their was even a fancy dress theme, if I had of known I’d have dressed up.



There were a few vintage cars (a few being the key word, as I counted about 3). I really liked this Vintage Black Cab. You would defonitly need a stylist but sturdy luggage bag for this gem of a car. I really like the metal GB plates.


This has to be the prettiest most inviting alley way I have ever seen.


I then took a walk down to the Waterfront, where we went to get an ice cream. It has to be said I like a man in button down collar shirt.  We then went for charming walks along the river bank. I wish I could say we fed the ducks but alas we didn’t have any bread.

Then came Margate but you’ll have to wait for that.

Never have I had a Sandwich in Sandwich