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I was buzzing around the Asos website as you do and came across these eye catching necklaces by Bill Skinner. My boyfriends first thoughts when I showed them to him (in Fenwicks Canterbury) was “is that a fly?” to which I responded with “Bumble bee”. There are some things which guys don’t understand and in this case it is the simple allure of 18ct gold plated bumble bee, a creature that is terrifying in the garden but somehow cute when taken as inspiration for these charming necklaces. I find the bumble bee on a plate of honey comb particularly charming as it add a bit of sweetness to a bug inspired collection. I find it odd how all of a sudden I have developed a Jewellery fascination especially considering I don’t really wear a lot of it. Jewellery holds its charm in the fact they are very beautiful wearable object that become collectables (a bit like stamp collecting but sparkier and more useful).

honeycomb jewellery, bee, bumble bee
Honeycomb Necklace . £80 . Bill Skinner click here
Bee Necklace . £60 . Bill Skinner click here
Bee and honeycomb necklace . £95 . Bill Skinner click here

P.S if you are inspired by the Bee Jewellery but don’t have the budget I have found super cute necklace by American label Dogeared which is in the sale for £36 (which still isn’t cheap but it makes the perfect gift) click here

Do lust over Jewellery you can’t afford? Let me know in the comments.

If you want playful designer jewellery which is more on the affordable side take a look at ROAR-some  Pre-historic Jewellery

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Bee Mine, Jewellery

Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

Philomene beaded necklace . £320.00 Kat&Bee Jewellery

Kat&Bee Jewellery was founded by Kat Barry back in August 2010 out of her inherent passion for style and creativity. She works from her design studio’s in East London to create jewellery that is a perfect mix of contemporary energy and chaotic style. What I love about her work is the youthful energy which could work across all ages. There is something very sophisticated about her work but she doesn’t let that  deter from her creativity which results in jewellery that is very desirable.

There latest collection takes inspiration from the South of France, it capture the spirit of a place that can only be described as glamorous, laid back with a dashes of sophistication by the beach also known as “St Tropez”. I have never been to this sparkling gem of a place myself but I have heard enough about St Tropez to know that this collection capture the spirit of such a place. This collection indulges into a lifestyle which is set aside for the rich and wealth, and I can’t help but be a victim of the allure. This is one collection that I will be lusting over as unfortunately I don’t have the budget yet but its still more attainable than a weekend in St Tropez. If there is one piece of Jewellery I want from the collection most its this Philomene beaded necklace as  I love the way the sunset beads contrast with the Turquoise and off-set by the beaded chain.



Kat&Bee Jewellery, statement necklace, summer jewellery
Oceane Beaded Necklace . £280.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery
statement jewellery
Florence Chain Bracelet . £165.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery
Genevieve Beaded Bracelet . £210.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery

Take a look at there St Tropez Collection here

I would love to know what you think about the St Tropez collection from Kat&Bee, let me know in the comment.



Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

ROAR-some Pre-historic Jewellery

Triceratops necklace by Designosaur
Triceratops necklace by Designosaur

Designosaur designs Dinosaur Jewellery

As a child I was always terrified by Dinosaurs as a kid I was the one ducking down in my seat as I watched Jurassic Park but now  I’ve embraced all things dino and banished those childhood fears. The new obsession with dinosaurs started with a trip to the Natural History Museum in London since stumbling upon designosaur I am hooked.

Designosaur is a Brighton based Jewellery company that specialize in creating striking and unique necklaces, brooches and ring in acrylic and cherry wood. Its needless to say that there signature pieces are  dinosaurs but if your not a massive fan of the extinct creatures there are plenty of other designs to choose from. My favourite is this ‘bang’ necklace which was made in collaboration  with Florrie.

I am in love with my Triceratops necklace as it blings up any outfit. I prefer to wear with Black skinny jeans, a cropped black T-shirt and a denim jacket. This is a perfect piece for those lazy days when you want to make a statement with little effort. This gold statement necklace arrived as part of a goody bag that only cost me £25.  It was pot luck which pieces I got but I can tell you it was worth the risk when I opened up the box to find this gem.

Designosaur - Lucky Dip box
Designosaur – Lucky Dip box

As it was pot luck I was slightly disappointed with the earrings as I was hoping for some cuff-links to give to my boyfriend. I think that the lilac  Parasaurolophus is a really cute piece and is perfect for anyone who wants a taste of designosaur without the big ROAR.

If you dare to wear Dinosaur you should definitely check out there website.

ROAR-some Pre-historic Jewellery

Sorry its been awhile…

I’ll skip the usual long winded apology for not blogging in a while and skip to what I have been doing while I’ve been away and how I feel I can make this blog more relevant for today. 

I was in Tesco today and the woman in front of me was at the magazine aisle saying there were no magazine for the modern woman. I’m not sure what this mend to her but to me I understood it as there are no fashion magazine that cater for growing concerns of the modern consumer (is it even appropriate to call our self a consumer). I realised that fashion magazines seem to avoid the eco questions and if they do write about it they seem to trivialize the issues. As a ‘consumer’ my self I look for cloths that both fit my needs and my concious. Fashion designer aren’t going to start catering for these desires other night but one way which us the consumer can do is only buy garments that we love. As Vivienne Westwood said “Buy less, choose well”. What she was saying here is that the key to sustainable fashion is choosing well, choosing garments and accessories which you are going to treasure. In the future I plan to blog about designs which have a sustainable ethos but also designer which I feel can hold a treasured place in your wardrobe. As a student my budget isn’t exactly high, so on the most part I will be sharing vintage, charity shop and high street where I feel choices have been made with longevity in mind. As a fashion student eco fashion has been becoming ever more important in my practise. I wish to learn and seek more information on the subject and as I do I will be sharing it with you as I feel like knowledge however small or insignification it may be should be shared.

I am interested in the concept of local fashion and what this means from a sustainable point of view. Local fashion not only means you are supporting local talent but you are also supporting the local economy. Local fashion is more sustainable as you know that people aren’t being exploited in the process of getting the product made. Local fashion is a small step towards a more sustainable future that is still fashion forward.

As a fashion student I know all to well the importance of trends and I feel it is important to show you the trends but to make it workable in a more sustainable way; whether through DIY, thrifting or local fashion.

I think its fair to say that I am passionate about fashion and making fashion sustainable. But another of my passions is travel. I feel that travel and fashion fits together well in a blog as they are both lifestyle choices. This will also give me the opportunity to blog about local fashion based on what I have learnt from my travels.

Since I’ve been away I’ve been to both Brighton and Calais, so await the blog post to follow.


I just wanted to share with you this cute hair pin that I brought at Clutter City Spring Market at the Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich ( It is by the talented jewellery designer Layla Amber (check out her website: After studying  Graphic design at Norwich University College of the Arts (now NUA) she started to experiment with her illustration by turning them into jewellery and soon after Layla Amber Jewellery was born. Her jewellery is somehow effortlessly simple and marvellously detailed. I  couldn’t not support this British designer with her beautiful designs. Its important that we support the growing talent in Britain not only does it hold up the british flag and support our economy but it also means you get something more unique and individual. This cute wooden and metal hair pin only cost me £3 so not only is it stylish, it doesn’t break the bank. It fits in perfectly with this seasons floral trends but its also a classic piece that can work time other again.



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Sorry its been awhile…