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I was buzzing around the Asos website as you do and came across these eye catching necklaces by Bill Skinner. My boyfriends first thoughts when I showed them to him (in Fenwicks Canterbury) was “is that a fly?” to which I responded with “Bumble bee”. There are some things which guys don’t understand and in this case it is the simple allure of 18ct gold plated bumble bee, a creature that is terrifying in the garden but somehow cute when taken as inspiration for these charming necklaces. I find the bumble bee on a plate of honey comb particularly charming as it add a bit of sweetness to a bug inspired collection. I find it odd how all of a sudden I have developed a Jewellery fascination especially considering I don’t really wear a lot of it. Jewellery holds its charm in the fact they are very beautiful wearable object that become collectables (a bit like stamp collecting but sparkier and more useful).

honeycomb jewellery, bee, bumble bee
Honeycomb Necklace . £80 . Bill Skinner click here
Bee Necklace . £60 . Bill Skinner click here
Bee and honeycomb necklace . £95 . Bill Skinner click here

P.S if you are inspired by the Bee Jewellery but don’t have the budget I have found super cute necklace by American label Dogeared which is in the sale for £36 (which still isn’t cheap but it makes the perfect gift) click here

Do lust over Jewellery you can’t afford? Let me know in the comments.

If you want playful designer jewellery which is more on the affordable side take a look at ROAR-some  Pre-historic Jewellery

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Bee Mine, Jewellery

Stella McCartney the fashion designer with a conscience

Stella McCartney is not perfect, but are you?

Stella McCartney

The fashion designer admits there are bound to be contradictions in trying to live and work sustainably. The one thing that I admire about Stella McCartney is she isn’t a preacher. She has these ethical and ecological values but doesn’t push them in to your face; she lets the designs do the talking. The aesthetics are the most important part of a design after all you could have created the most ethically and ecologically sustainable  garment but if no one wears them they lose all of there value. At the end of the day Stella McCartney is creating real clothes for people with a conscience. She said in an interview to the Evening Standard that she’s “not going to stand here and claim to be one hundred per cent green or one hundred per cent perfect all the time” but we still need to give her credit for working towards a better future in fashion.

She is famed for being the designer that refused to use leather or fur when designing for Chloe and she has brought these values forward to her own-name label. And since 2010 Stella McCartney has stopped using PVC in her designs which can only mean good things for the environment. She says that one of the reason she doesn’t use fur or leather isn’t just because she is a vegetarian but also because of the environmental impact of tanneries. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tanneries are listed as one of the top polluters.

As I mentioned early her designers are very aesthetically pleasing and the focus of her designs are always on the look which allows the sustainable values to hold there weight.  Its not a PR stunt just genuine concern. She understands that buyers are after something beautiful  foremostly then they look at the values “Here is this jacket that looks terrible but its organic, and here is a really beautiful jacket that’s cheaper but don’t buy it because it’s not organic.” McCartney has stated that: “we address these [ethical and ecological] questions in every other part of our lives except fashion.”

Stella McCartney is the fashion designer for fashion players with a conscience. Her designs are on trend and conscience. Her latest resort collection lets  the aesthetics do the talking, you will buy garments from the collection because they are beautiful not because Stella McCartney is a sustainable designer (that’s just a bonus) – and for that you have to love her.

Stella McCartney – Resort 2014

Stella McCartney Resort 14 (fig 1)
Stella McCartney Resort 14 (fig 2)

This collection is playful with a touch of sophistication. The colours are like sugar dusk playing with ballerina pink and injecting a pop with blue and yellow. This collection is just as suitable for the day as it is for the night. In my opinion she has used more snake skin print than what is socially tasteful but if anyone can pull it off she can and fig 1 just proves that toughing up a girly dress without a leather jacket. The collection is fresh like a spring day, capturing the hope of a new fresh start. I love the appliqué heart and lips on fig 2 its well thought out but it isn’t taking its self to seriously. That envelop clutch is very desirable  and would add a pop of colour to any outfit. This collection is effortless and just imagine the care free girl that would wear this?

One thing to note isn’t just the garment’s but the way the girls are styled, so fresh faced with a blunt cut. They look like the girl-next-door with something more.

Stella McCartney Resort 14

Stella McCartney creates cloths that will last therefore avoiding the landfills. Sustainability is just as important as recycling. She suggests when looking at your own wardrobe think about the materials that your using. Is it recyclable? How does it make you feel? These are both equally important questions the better a fabric feels against your skin the longer it will have a place in your wardrobe but if a time comes when you decide to part with the garment it is key that is made of recyclable fabric so that it can have new life.

Some of the obstacles she has faced in trying to create a more sustainable products include not manufacturing there own fabric.  Colours can be very limited in the organic ranges are often there isn’t the same depth of colour. So all Stella McCartney tries to use organic fabric and low impact dyes she won’t compromise on quality.

She loves the fact that some people go into her store don’t even know that something is organic or in faux-leather and for her that is the because challenge, having people not notice.

P.S As you may know I have relaunched my blog today and I would love to know what you think of this article.

Stella McCartney the fashion designer with a conscience

Dare to wear: Blazer other nothing


One Trend that seems to be all other the catwalk season after season is wearing a Blazer other nothing. It can be an alluring way to make an otherwise androgynous look feminine. Or may its a brave way to walk home from the boyfriends.

Either way whatever the reason you can’t deny you’d have to be brave to dare to wear this and even braver to pull it of.

Would you Dare to wear a blazer other nothing?

Dare to wear: Blazer other nothing

Is punk really back?


Punk is everywhere. You just have to flick through a recent copy of Elle or Vogue to see the influence. I wrote about this a couple of months back in my article “Punk’in it” where I ask “has punk fashion become a trend rather than a life style.” And the truth is it probably has just became a trend with its influences everywhere from studs to safety pins. One thing punk lends itself well to is updating old clothes and being them new life through anarchy.

Quick DIY ideas to nailing the Punk trend (Vote for your favourite in the comments)

  • Grab that denim jacket and some sandpaper; now start sanding.
  • Stud might be over done but its a quick way to rock up a T-shirt.
  • Create peekaboo detail through cut and safety pin loosely back together.
  • Paint that leather Jacket.

I’ll do a DIY tutorial for the one with the most votes, so be sure to let me to comment below.


Is punk really back?

Is ‘bad’ taste the new ‘good’ taste?

I recently read in a creditable fashion magazine that “Bad taste doesn’t exist” and in case you didn’t realise this fact is true. Taste like beauty is in the beholder; what one person finds beautiful another may not. This can also be know true about taste too. I am by no means condoning Ugg boots but it is true to say that the person wearing them is doing so because they find there choice tasteful.

But all of this talk of bad taste and good taste has got me thinking what is the boundaries of bad and good taste and do they over lap? I like to think that they do. I enjoy glitter, psychedelic prints and quite frankly dressing up as much as the next girl. Is this bad taste? Well yes and no. Its hardly what I call tasteful if anything its what I would call distasteful. But its this bad mix of glitter, prints and bizarre make-up that quite frankly makes it so fun. and in this it finds its taste.

This season’s Meadham Kirchoff says it all really its oh-so-wrong but in this it becomes oh-so-right. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m bored of grey. And what better way to brighten up a cold and dizzily English day? Its the fact that the model looks like she has just rolled out of a fancy dress shop bind folded that makes this look work.

Oh Louise Louise there is nothing Gray about you. The above image is from her Autumn/winter 2012 and will brighten up any rainy day bringing back nostalgia of the swinging 60’s. This capture the term psychedelic and is a nod to pop rock.

Just look to the Mario Testino photoshoot for vogue “Colour fest” which just goes to show that bad taste really has hit the main stream which add the question – What are the boundaries for bad taste? If there any. The whole photoshoot consisted of clashing prints, pop colours and a bizarre twist on hair and make-up with a rather out big hello to Bridget Riley.

I want to know what you thing can bad taste be tasteful? I think so but what about you?


Is ‘bad’ taste the new ‘good’ taste?

Lashing fears other Slashing



I’ve been quite busy other the last few weeks. I have just moved into my new house and I’ve also been to Reading Festival. So sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. One fashion trend I wanted to talk about before my busy schedule was clashing prints. I’ve always had a soft spot for prints and the idea of clashing them sounds like a whole lot of fun. Although clashing does sound like the beginning of a horror story. Clashing in its self induces a feeling of both foolish optimism and hopeful fear. It will either go too well or hideously; there is no middle ground. I think the key to clashing is that the prints aren’t to similar otherwise it will just look like you have tried to match the prints and failed. Also choose one block colour. Remember fearlessness is the key to pulling of this look. For fail safe clashing stick to geometric prints. Not only will this give you a polished look, its easier to clash than florals for example. And if your in need look no further than Prada her self.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Lashing fears other Slashing