Is ‘bad’ taste the new ‘good’ taste?

I recently read in a creditable fashion magazine that “Bad taste doesn’t exist” and in case you didn’t realise this fact is true. Taste like beauty is in the beholder; what one person finds beautiful another may not. This can also be know true about taste too. I am by no means condoning Ugg boots but it is true to say that the person wearing them is doing so because they find there choice tasteful.

But all of this talk of bad taste and good taste has got me thinking what is the boundaries of bad and good taste and do they over lap? I like to think that they do. I enjoy glitter, psychedelic prints and quite frankly dressing up as much as the next girl. Is this bad taste? Well yes and no. Its hardly what I call tasteful if anything its what I would call distasteful. But its this bad mix of glitter, prints and bizarre make-up that quite frankly makes it so fun. and in this it finds its taste.

This season’s Meadham Kirchoff says it all really its oh-so-wrong but in this it becomes oh-so-right. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m bored of grey. And what better way to brighten up a cold and dizzily English day? Its the fact that the model looks like she has just rolled out of a fancy dress shop bind folded that makes this look work.

Oh Louise Louise there is nothing Gray about you. The above image is from her Autumn/winter 2012 and will brighten up any rainy day bringing back nostalgia of the swinging 60’s. This capture the term psychedelic and is a nod to pop rock.

Just look to the Mario Testino photoshoot for vogue “Colour fest” which just goes to show that bad taste really has hit the main stream which add the question – What are the boundaries for bad taste? If there any. The whole photoshoot consisted of clashing prints, pop colours and a bizarre twist on hair and make-up with a rather out big hello to Bridget Riley.

I want to know what you thing can bad taste be tasteful? I think so but what about you?


Is ‘bad’ taste the new ‘good’ taste?