LFW: Mary Katrantzou and Topshop Unique S/S 13

I am sitting at home in a frilly grey polo shirt and some cotton pyjama trousers, barefoot, this is hardly Front Row Fashion but here I am at my desk sipping on my milk and munching on some cookies while waiting for the Mary Katrantzou S/S 13 to start. Its Ten minutes late (although I’m sure it was longer). Fashionable late apparently. But still here I am front row yet still in the comfort of my own home. The anticipation is exciting. I have my note pad and pen at the ready. I can see that people are milling about everywhere still as if unaware that the show is going to start any moment now, although that can’t be true, I think its just a case of poor time management.

As I wait for the show to start I read the side bar which gives me more information on the designer as if she needed an introduction. This is after all the designer who brought us her lamp shade dresses with lavish digital prints inspired by ceramics. “The former Architecture student is a pioneer” apparently that bewitches us into falling in love with her collections. Whether she has managed to cast her spell over you or not, you have certainly heard her name but is she a one trick pony?  Well I feel that despite the answer to this question being yes/no its an unfair question. Part of her charm and allure are her prints, its her trademark, her trick you may say. Her surface prints are astounding which is why I was surprise to read she was a former architecture student as there aren’t many architectural element to her designs but what is minimal in silhouette is made up for in print. And her Spring/Summer 2013 collection did not disappoint, my first thoughts was Stamp’s and my last thought was money. Did she get her inspiration from paper which holds value? It appears so. This collection even reminded me of my stamp collection I have somewhere, probably covered in dust. I’ll have to dig it out for you.

Here are some of my snapshots from the show:

I loved both the dresses influenced by stamps equally to the dresses influenced by money and all through it is possible to identify these as dresses by the same designer I struggle to see them as dresses in the same collection. The Stamp dresses (as I’ll refer to them) were fresh, young and vibrant. In fact the casting of Cara Delevingne was perfect as her image reflects the vibe of these dresses and isn’t to much of a personality that the model becomes more important than the dress. And the money dresses (as I’ll refer to these by) were glitzy, glamorous with maturity. I can just imagine Amber Heard wearing one of these dresses, as like her these dresses ooze sex appeal. In fact money oozes sex appeal, you can’t tell me that the playboy bunny like Hugh Hefner for his looks. These dresses reflect what money is literally.

This was not the only show I was able to attend visually. I also viewed the Topshop Unique S/S 13 and this show also gave you the chance to “go” back stage before the show. I watched one models hair being attended to by five hair stylists and three hair dryers at one point. The make up appeared to have been done with L’oreal (hence there logo’s on the wall). They kept things natural but still outlined the eye with dark brown/black Kohl which gave a grungy feel and was a fresh step away from liquid eye-liner which gives a hard feel. Brown eye shadow was also used. The hair looked like the hair girls wear for real on an everyday basis; not over worked, a little messy and long.

As I wait for the show to start I see a couple cosy up next to what appears to be Olivia Palermo. And is that possible Elle Fanning? No it can’t be, but the likeness is uncanny. I spy before the show someone beginning with the letter D and someone with the letter G*. And you two people people third from the back, seriously, I know hats are fashionable but inside when people behind you want to see too.

Here are my snapshots from the show:

If I was to describe the Topshop girl for S/S 13 I would say she was a minimalistic 90’s lady who loves her sparkles and her sheers. There was an air of the understated about the collection. She is a girl who has became a woman but still keeps things fresh.

I enjoyed both shows and it has to be said that I am looking forward to Louise Grey tomorrow.

* I think its Daisy Lowe and Georgia May Jagger, who do you think it is?

LFW: Mary Katrantzou and Topshop Unique S/S 13

Getting Bobby at Cacharel A/W ’12

Hair pins, Kirby grips or bobby pins whatever you know them by you probably have them at the bottom of your handbag or on the side of your desk discarded until you need to secure your hair again. Its amazing how a box pull can dwindle down to a few near forgotten grips. But its time they took more centre stage to a hair style rather than  foundations to one. Three neat slipped hair pins can give a vintage look in seconds.  Not only are hair grips a key part of securing your favourite hairstyle but they are also an accessories that should be on show.

Do you remember the last time you did your hair with bobby pins? Hoping that no one could see those “invisible” hair pins. Those days are long gone the brighter and more colourful the better. In writing this post I tried to find some brightly coloured hair pins and failed. So why not get your DIY on and paint your own.

The image above shows the hairstyle from Cacharel A/W ‘12 and is a reminder that if your clothes haven’t made centre stage yet, start with the hair. The rest will surely follow.

 The image above shows Cara Delevingne working her show hair. Showing you that this hair style can work for you even if you are a bit of a Tomboy.
Getting Bobby at Cacharel A/W ’12