Honest by ‘Transparency’

Transparency is a big issue in fashion. Do we really understand where are clothes come from? Or the conditions of the factories they are manufactured in? Transparency or more precisely lack of is an issue which needs to be tackled especially if there is to be a future in fashion.  There are countless labels and lines available on the market that claim to be eco/ethical but as there is no internationally agreed standards for what should be considered eco, sustainable, green, environmentally friend and organic are we really to know where are clothes come from? And lets not even start on most high-street garments which leave everything to the imagination except for the washing instruction label which also holds three words in tiny print saying “made in …”

This is where ‘Honest by‘ comes in which is a company unique in the fact that they communicating its supply chain and pricing. Honest by was founded by Bruno Pieters after a sabbatical from the fashion industry in Southern India where the experience affected his personal philosophy and views on fashion. He noticed on his travels how native people wore clothes that were grown, woven and sewn from sources they could identify around them. Honest by is a platform that offers designers and brands a chance to share their own design processes. Every collaboration is completely transparent from yarns and buttons to store mark up.

Honest by wants to shed light on the questions: Where is it made and by whom’

Honest by does extensive research into the sources of raw materials and trace back the origins of every fabric and trimming to insure that every element is as environmentally friendly. In fact the information they give the consumer is a lot to take in; it tells you everything including where the safety pin attaching labels was manufactured. It can be quiet easy to be sucked in reading such minute detail infact I am actually feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of information they give you having decided to test how transparent they actually were by reading up on this (below) mens shirt by Honest by CALLA. I can now tell you not only where it was made but the factory it was manufactured in too, I can also tell you they have 70 members of staff hired at this factory and it took 235 mins to assemble. I can also tell you that at the designs studio it took 7 hours to design this shirt and there were 3 fittings.

And when I read that they were honest about the price mark up part of me was like “yeah right your hardly going to tell us the astonished  amount of profit you make” but they really do, it tells you that said garment cost 70.03 euros to make and the designer times this by two and then there is a further retail mark up of times two-point-five. They truly are transparent because in my opinion if you can share something which you might not otherwise want to disclose you truly are staying true to your values. When they claim to be the world’s first Transparent company I believe them as they share more than just a couple of words about the background of there garments. I am not sure how viable it is in the current market to be transparent about there market but there is evidence that Peiters is at least staying true to his values after he cancelled orders with big department stores after he realised they would not allow him to make there mark up public.

Honest by CALLA

Honest by makes it really easy to find the type of garment you are after with simple colour coordinated filters; organic, vegan, skin friendly, recycled and European. This allows you to get straight to your priority as you don’t have to sift through loads of garments to find that skin friendly one and it also allows you to identify the qualities of each garment quickly and simply. This easy menu option is what makes Honest by so appealing as it allows you to sort through all the facts quickly but you still have the option of the long read if that’s what it takes for you to trust the labelling. Honest by are as of yet to obtain an organic certificate but they hope to be GOTS (Global Organic Textile) certified very soon. But don’t let this taint your image of Honest by as they are moving in leaps and bounds to achieve transparency and don’t hide away from the lack of certificate but tell you openly.

One problem Honest by have had is sourcing zips in an interview with the Telegraph earlier this year Peiters said “how unavoidable it is to have china involved” and saying that despite all his efforts to source a European company that manufactures zippers he cannot find one. But this element of the supply chain is out of necessity rather than choice. One question that was raised when talking to another fellow blogger was “just because its made in china does this automatically make it bad” I don’t have the answer to this question entirely but its clear that Transparency would being us a step closer to solving this issue as we would be able to understand the wage, conditions and the hours that these workers work in the factory better.

Honest by Bruno Peiters

Honest by Bruno Peiters

I hope to see many more brands follow Honest by’s example in transparency. I feel this is a platform that is very forward thinking in it’s ambition. Honest by philosophy is:

We believe Fashion is about beauty and that the story behind fashion can be equally beautiful.
We want to give our customer the opportunity to shop with complete awareness of what they are buying.
We want to produce all of our products in a life friendly way.
We believe in the health of our clients skin.
We want the impact of our products and activities on the environment and human health to be as small as possible’

And I couldn’t agree more, the beauty in fashion shouldn’t be limited to the aesthetic just ecological fashion is more than intention. I believe that ethical/ecological intention goes hand-in-hand with aesthetic and Honest by hits this mix heads on with it beautiful designs paired with its transparency . Transparency is key in allowing us to make educated choices, maybe your not that interested in ethical fashion but there is no doubt that you would benefit from transparency. Transparency is about being honest and Honest by does that so well.

How important is Transparency to you?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

Honest by ‘Transparency’

Selected for IFB Links a la Mode

Its a beautiful evening and what better way to spend an evening than reading some amazing blog posts by some talented bloggers. I was getting my daliy doze of style bubble when I got lost in her post ‘Link Up’ which I definitely recommend as its a real eye opener to the number of blogs out there but also how every blog has there value. You can’t compare Glamour to Dazed and Confused but both of there followings are equally valid. She also has linked about 10 blogs which are well worth the read, sharing the love. This is one reason why I love IFB links a la mode it offers us less know blogs to have a voice and a chance to reach a wide audience. There is a real mix of blogs selected showing the diversity of the blogging world.

I want to say a big thank you for being selected because its a reminder that what I am doing is worthwhile. And I want to say a big thank you to my readership as you are the reason I keep going. Knowing you are there, reading my content which I have spent so much energy writing makes this so worth every hour I spent writing, taking, photo’s and editing.

Please do check out the blogs below they are well worth the read.


Autumn is Coming

In August, Autumn often looms over us like winter does in Game of Thrones. You know it’s coming but it still seems so far off. Personally, I’ve already snagged by boots for the season, and jacket too! While bloggers are curating their fall wishlist, you can’t help to get a little bit excited, the lush fabrics, the layers the sophistication of the season. This week’s round up has links that will help you squeak the last days of summer as well as get you prepared for fall. So find a nice sunny spot to enjoy the weather, relax and read these links!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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Selected for IFB Links a la Mode

Monochrome spiked with neon


Floppy Hat . American Apparel

Pleather Jacket . Charity shop find

Striped pencil Skirt . H&M

Neon envelope clutch . Blott

If there is one colour combination that you can’t go wrong with its black and white. It works perfectly for day and night. I’ve always loved the colour black my wardrobe is basically half filled up with black items; lacy, velvet, leather, you name it its there. One thing that I love about monochrome is its ability to work smart and casual and this monochrome outfit spiked with neon is the perfect example.

I brought this striped skirt about 6 months ago as I was after a figure hugging skirt but want something a bit more casual than a black pencil skirt. Its rare that I find a skirt that fits around the waist and the hips as I find that a lot of skirts are made with a straight body type in mind but thanks to the stretchy material it fits around my curves perfectly.

I had been on the look out for a floppy hat for months before I found one on the American Apparel website and because of the price it took another month, a trip to one of there London stores and a generous boyfriend before I got my hands on this. I couldn’t be happier with it; its perfect for those bad hair days when you want to look glamours and equally works well to add statement to jeans and T-shirt.

What better way to rock up a look than with a leather jacket. Ok this one isn’t leather but until my budget expands I’ll have to make do with this pleather jacket (aka plastic leather). I found this in a charity shop when I was volunteering and knew that this would make the perfect bikers jacket as its two sizes to big (size 12) which means if I wear it open it kind of hangs of me and allows the jacket to drape nicely while leaving room for a big woolly jumper come winter. I always think that if you can thrift something when not? After all this jacket only cost me £5 and I gave if a new lease of life, I am planning on paint the inside soon.

The green neon envelop clutch is the perfect way to add a bit of colour to monochrome and shouts fun. Its impossible for this clutch to sink into the background and its simple design lets the colour do the talking. This was a gift for my 21st and I am so happy with the colour as its a brave choice and something I might have shied away from if I had selected it myself.

Unless your a friend your unlikely to know that I have a slight addiction to shoes, I can usually walk away from a dress but when it comes to shoes I am a sucker for buying them. The guys at Topshop must of grown tired of me trying these on about 4-5 times before I actually settled on buying these flat platforms with a double ankle straps. This will be my second pair of flat platforms my first pair were from ‘head over heels by Dune’ back in 2011 and while they last me a fair amount of time the soles did split in half and after super glue wouldn’t do the job anymore I set about trying to find a replacement pair when I stumbled upon these beauts from Topshops. They are slightly more dressier than the pair I had before but I love them and needless to say they look perfect on a night out and do wonders for my legs.

topshop platform shoes blogger
buckle topshop flat platform fashion blogger

The only thing missing from this outfit in the perfect sleeveless white shirt and a statement necklace. I will be keeping my eyes peeled and Please let me know in the comments in you know where to find the perfect white shirt.

I am writing this in response to IFB’s “Bloggers Black and White Ball”

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Monochrome spiked with neon

Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

LOVE magazine collection fashion Elle Vogue

I love print media (especially magazine’s) some say I might even be slightly addicted. I remember clearly when this addiction started it was my first year of college when we were encouraged to look at fashion magazines to gain an awareness of the industry and I picked up the November 2009 issue of Vogue which as coincidence would have it also starred Georgia May Jagger. I picked it up of the market for a £1, this was the first and last time I saw an issue of uk vogue on the market which then sparked my love for the £4 an issue glossy. So much about this issue was wrong yet it was filled with personality a personality which I haven’t seen in many issues since.
Part of the attaction of print media is it portablity. You can read it anywhere; in the bath, in bed, at the beach, on the train. And not have to worry about it getting stolen or dropping it in the bath (unless you collect them like me, more on that later). Its this ease of reading which makes it such a joy to read and allows you the pleasure of self indulgence. I find the perfect way to relax is flicking through a glossy magazine and eating chocolate. For me this is the ultimate me time where I can relax in silence while staying away from the computer screen.
I love magazines as the writing is just as important as the images (if not more so). There are very few blogs or websites for that matter that I can pour over like a magazine. Very often I read blogs with very little writing that have aced the imagery and this is all very good for getting inspiration about what real people wear but every now and then I want to read something to inspire my creative side. Even the wonderful Susie Lau at Style Bubble doesn’t manage to have it all. She writes amazing editorials which are both informative and personal, she allows her self to become relatable while mingling in a world which is just out of reach for the everyday person. What I love about her blog is the quality of writing with great images and to be honest I have yet to find a blog that meets up to her. I can find plenty of personal and street style blogs but its rare that I stumble across a fashion blog which has such emphasis on writing. I feel this is the strength of the magazines is the writing and they should capitalise on that. I am currently reading LOVE magazine and I assure you it is well worth the £6 I pay as it only comes out every six months and has enough text and great photo spreads to keep be occupied for a while not to mention it looks great on the coffee table (you would hardly want to leave your ipad laying around).
I love magazines for the amazing photo shoots which have been shot by the likes of Bill Bailey and Tim Walker which I reference more in my work than I do fashion designers as in these photoshoots they bring everything together starting with a story, a character and then bringing in the clothes and the props to create something that is visually inspiring and worthy of being a tear-sheet in my sketch book. On some levels I think fashion photography might even be underrated and I would certainly like to see more fashion photography exhibition’s about.
tim walker magazine photoshoot spread
Another reason why magazines still hold such a force in a digital world is creditability.  I’m not saying that magazines get there facts straight all the time or don’t have investors to please but you can generally count on the editorials you read to be back up by solid research and facts. For example I am much more likely to trust an article I read in a magazine about the exercise and health than I would on the internet as they have more liability if they get there facts wrong than a blog. After all on the internet anyone can publish anything and even with the best of intentions stories and facts can be lead array with personal feelings and opinions. I can think of several things I have read knowing full well that it has been dosed with a lot of personal opinion and I guess that comes with the nature of blogging as generally you are writing something that comes very close to the home and are personal to you in some way or another.
I love magazines for there quality of content and there physical existence (all me old fashioned). Nothing beats holding a good weighty fashion magazine with great paper quality. The strengths of a magazine is its diversity of content in one place, it safes time going to lots of different sources and instead you can just go to one. The dynamics of print media are certainly changing but I believe this will only result in them upping there game and creating more beautiful magazines, I feel it might even go into the realms of collectables after all I collect all of my fashion magazines and I doubt I am alone in this. I see fashion magazines being designed more specifically for this purpose. I can see much more emphasis on paper quality and graphic’s as magazines seek to capitalize on there strengths. I see the quality of the magazines content will increase as they seek to complete with internet sources. I know for one that I will be right behind this move as despite how many blogs I read (which seem to have become an addition rather than an alternative) I will still
I love print media especially magazines. I am slightly addicted and living of student funds but it can’t be said that it is without good reason. They are the perfect way to relax after uni and they can some what count as research….. (after all it houses some amazing photoshoots). I don’t think anything quite does it in the same way after all I can’t collect blogs on my book shelve no matter how great a read they were. There is no doubt I am going to have to cub this addiction but in the mean time you will see me flicking through the pages of LOVE, Vogue, Elle, Oh comely and lets face it any other magazine I can get my hands on. Part of it is definitely related to my tenancy to collect and hold on to inspirational content. Magazines are rich in content that you may not have stumbled upon on line and it will still be there in years to come and won’t get lost in all the mass of content online.
magazine spreads atlanta LOVE
bambi magazine photoshoot magazine spread
Do you prefer reading websites/blogs or print magazine? Perhaps both? Let me know in the comments.

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Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

All in a day in Margate |part two |Boutique

boutiques margate fashion kent shopping blogger reveiw

The Secret Wardrobe Margate is a woman’s boutique which is over flowing with Italian and French clothing, scarves, handbags and jewellery. They describe them self as an Aladdin Cave and this wouldn’t be far from the truth; every nook and granny is filled with something delightful.

If you read my last Margate post All in a day in Margate| part one  you will know that I recently spent the day in Margate and it was during that visit that I stumbled upon this gem of boutique. As with ever shop and boutique there are going to be things that aren’t to your taste but that simply means there is going to be something for everyone. And it can be said that I have a particular taste for handbags despite having only 4 (and only one that I really use) and the Secret Wardrobe does not disappoint with its selection of clutches, Totes and other handbags. There is one in particular which I regret buying and it is this lovely creamy leather envelope clutch with gold detailing which you see below. I was eyeing up this bag as its the perfect utility clutch which has the right amount of sophistication for a night out but could equally be dressed down for a lunch with the girls.

margate handbags clutches shopping kent blogger review

As I mentioned earlier not a corner was bare which made for a visual treat. You didn’t know where to look and it didn’t matter as it allowed you to scan all of the wonders this boutique holds to uncover the gems that no one else spotted. I had to take the picture below as it really gives you a taste of what to expect when you visit the Secret Wardrobe.  
margate shopping kent review independent boutiques secret wardrobe

flower necklace boutique kent margate shopping

clutch laser cut detail occasion kent margate shopping review

Maybe I have an obsession with creamy colours. And this beautiful laser cut handbag with an elegant beaded chain certainly didn’t go unnoticed and how could it. Its everything you need in an occasion handbag its elegant, small yet still fits in everything you need in it. I was drawn to this handbag for its unique chain but I relish this handbag for its laser-cut detail. I don’t believe you could find a bag quite like it any wear else and that’s what I like about the Secret Wardrobe: sometimes you stumble across that gem you have to get. And if you fill your fashion hunger you can always have a wander around Naturally Craft which is the Secret Wardrobes house mate. When I first walked into the shop I was greeted by an old fashion singer (sewing machine but I’m pretty sure you didn’t need me to clarify) and two choices a gift shop full of naturally crafted treats or an Aladdin cave over-flowing with fashion choices. I was completely unaware they were different shops it wasn’t until I got chatting to the lady behind the til I was made aware of this   shop share which I have to say is a brilliant idea as it makes for the perfect place to go gift hunting and perhaps find a treat for your self.

singer sewing machine retro

It has to be said that I like Hand-made soaps, a lot.  To the unhealthy level where I think people will appreciate a bar as a gift as I don’t really need that many. For that reason I usually avoid them but I couldn’t resist there charm for long and soon got in there and sampled the scents for each of these soaps my favourite was Honey and Vanilla as it was the perfect mix of wholesome sweetness. Plus it had this awesome honeycomb pattern. I brought this as a gift and very much hope they appreciate it because I was seriously considering to keep it my self and find them something else. I doubt I’m the only person to like hand made soaps but I’m pretty sure not many of you go shouting about it. What drew me to Hand-made soaps in the first place was there natural properties, the first handmade soap I ever brought was Coconut and rose. What drew me to this divine scent in the first place (after its scent of course) was how good it is for your skin. The natural properties allows the skin to clean without stripping them of there natural oils which makes for happy hands.
naturally crafted margate 2

natural soaps handmade kent shopping margate

You can find the Secret Wardrobe and Naturally Crafted on 16-18 High Street, Margate. Please visit the staff are lovely and always happy to help. I have more Margate post in the following days so please be sure to follow.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


All in a day in Margate |part two |Boutique

Its may not be a BAFTA but I still have a speech

I can’t stop smiling. Ever since I discovered that I had been selected for Independant Fashion bloggers links a la mode I haven’t been able to keep a smile from my face. Okay its not a BAFTA or an Oscar but it is at least recognition for my efforts to fashion blogging. If you haven’t guessed already I am passionate about fashion which is why I write this blog but to find out that people not only read my blog they also enjoy it.

I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, to IFB for selecting my link.


I would definitely give the other blogs that were selected some love  and give them a read. Why not pour your self a glass of chilled lemonade and unwind in the garden while reading some great posts on fashion.

On a Trend Bender

Summer is actually the best time to play around with trends. You know why? Because summer is the the best time play around in general! With all the bold colors and prints, the great summer sales, and gorgeous weather, it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of going bold. This week’s roundup has wonderful links to get you in the mindset to try new trends, even ones you don’t think you’d look good in. We’ve even got a great DIY for leather shorts, if you’re crafty and don’t want to shell out the dough for a store-bought pair. And even if you’re not crafty, there’s a great guide to hitting the summer sales. If you’re anything like me, it’s too easy to get caught up in a good deal, so I need all the help I can get not to overspend. Anyway, here are the links for the week. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode: July 25th, 2013


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Its may not be a BAFTA but I still have a speech

All in a day in Margate |Part one

Cupcake, vintage and art galleries all in a day out at Margate

zara fashion dress clothes lemon yellow margate

Dress . Zara

Bag . Fossil

I went to Margate about a week and half ago and had a great day out. I have been waiting to share this with you ever since. I have been to Margate a couple of times now and I have to say its one of my favourite seaside town to go to on a day out although I am yet to actually go on the beach. I really like Margate as it’s a balance that holds an art gallery, vintage shops and a 99 ice cream van. Usually when a seaside town has cheese it sticks to it but Margate caters to all. It has that cheesy side but its easily avoid about down the little streets and lanes that hold Margate’s Vintage shops and Boutiques. As the weather was usually warm I decided to make the most of my yellow 1950’s style dress from Zara. What I love about this dress is the low back as any dress which has this feature is always a favourite of mine and how the dress is made of a light but structured fabric which insures I am not spending the day worried about it being blown up. I took to many picture and have so much to say so I will be doing my post on Margate in a couple of instalments.

fossil handbag satchel margate yellow dress zara personal style blog

First I want to introduce you to Margate Art Galleries: Turner Contemporary 

margate turner contemporary  Juan Munoz  conversation piece III 2001 blog Juan Munoz is a Spanish Sculptor who’s unsettling work evokes memories. He describes his work as storytelling and its easy to see why, when observing his work you almost feel like you have seen this before it feels familiar yet there is a very creepy undertone. Conversation piece III (2001) is currently on display at the Turner Contemporary in Margate whose bronze figure seem frozen mid-conversation in the Sunley Gallery. This display space is the perfect back drop to Munoz work giving a sense of isolation and observation. It might sound odd to describe this work as giving a sense of observation but it makes you feel like you are watching something uncomfortable, that you shouldn’t be observing, you want to look away but the same force making you turn away is curious. You should definitely give this a visit its at the Turner Contemporary until the 23rd of February.

While your there don’t forget to check out the main attraction ‘Curiosity and the pleasure of knowing’.

curiosity and the pleasure of knowing margate turner contemporary book I’m a curious person which made this curiosity exhibition the ideal place to trigger my imagination. There was the Pencocks (a penguin and a peacock joined and stuff together to look like a new species.) which made you question what you know to be true. Could it be a real creature? What makes some one create this? What did they do to the other half? If that wasn’t enough to spark your interest there were also drawings by Leonardo De Vinci which look like tear outs from his sketch book. They show his thought process rather than a final piece and in many ways I find this more curious. Was his thought process the same as my understanding of these scribbles? What was his aim? How much of it was based on fact and how much was based on his curiosity? This exhibition is amazing in how it makes you question everything. What is the difference between an art gallery exhibition and a museum exhibition? Where do the lines blur? In my opinion this exhibition sits between the two and allows them to over lap.

The only bad thing I have to say about this exhibition was that the two occasions I visited (a month apart) the Tacita Dean installation was unavailable due to technical difficulties.   I wouldn’t have minded to much if it wasn’t for the fact that Dean was one of the advertised artist showing, therefore I was rather disappointed.

yellow backpack  mens accessories fashion bag . William Fox & Sons

T-shirt . GAP

Jeans . Levi

We had a great day out in Margate. If your looking for a seaside town on the Kent coast that has more than ‘kiss me quick’ hats and penny machines then I definitely recommend Margate. I snapped this photo (above) of my boyfriend looking out to sea and I had to share it with you as I thought you might want to see this awesome yellow backpack he has. Its from William Fox & sons and its easy to see the charm of this bag. The bright colour lures you in and the fine subtle detailing keeps you hooked. Its a playful twist on utility.

I might be finishing this post with Cupcakes but this is actually how we started the day. I arrived in Margate an hour early so after a little charity and vintage shopping I headed to the Cupcake Cafe to meet up with him. Usually early I decide to order him a cupcake ready for his arrival. If you haven’t been to the Cupcake Cafe in Margate you should. They have an amazing selection of cupcakes that justify there name. The two cupcakes I choose were Raspberry and Chocolate (for me) and Caramel Swirl (for him). I love how sweet this cafe is, they serve you your cupcakes on the cutest saucers which just adds to the charm of such a concept as a Cupcake Cafe. The only thing I was slightly disappointed by was the fact that my chocolate milk shake that I ordered had a slight taste of banana in it and this would have been fine if I liked banana or if I had ordered it. But I have been there several times and this is the only time I have had a twinge of disappointed so it just goes to show that nothing is perfect 100% of the time.

cupcake cafe margate

All in all I had a great day out in Margate please feel free to follow. My next post in the Margate instalment will be about the Vintage shopping and Boutiques in Margate. I would love to know what you thing about Margate, I am always excited  to hear what you have to say.


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All in a day in Margate |Part one