What does Transparency in fashion mean to you?

What does Transparency in fashion mean to you? And for the clarification I am not talking about how see-through clothing. No I am referring to the traceability and transparency of the manufacturing process in fashion. Do we really know where are clothes come from? The dress I am wearing says made in china but what does that mean other than at some point during the process of manufacturing that this dress was handled by a machinist in china. What about the fabric, fastenings and trimmings? In truth this dress is most likely global there is no real place it can be defined as having been made in only finished in. I’m not going to name drop but one particular British brand gets there products manly produced in Turkey then finished in Ireland just so they can obtain a Made in Britain label. I am sure they are not alone in this. With this information brought to light, it really questioned everything I thought I knew and lead me to postponing a project I had in the pipeline as I knew I had to really understand everything I could about transparency. The fact is its going to be hard to make Transparency to happen due to the spread of the manufacturing and supply chain. I understand now that to really understand where are clothes come from you have to look beyond the made in label and search further.

Transparency can lead to a more Sustainable and ethical future in fashion as it allows you the customer to really understand where your garments come from and make informed decisions based on this. The fact is the reality of fast fashion manufacturing is hard to put in to context as its very hard to relate to, so how can you be passionate for a cause you don’t really understand? Transparency would give you the opportunity to understand how your clothes are made.

I would be grateful if you could complete this survey so I can get an idea of what Transparency means to you? Do you care about sustainable fashion?  Click here to take survey

I always value what you think so let me know in the comments. 

Do you even care about transparency?

Would your fashion choices be effected by transparency?

What does Transparency in fashion mean to you?

12 thoughts on “What does Transparency in fashion mean to you?

  1. This is really important. It’s what most need to learn and know. Sadly, we live in a time of fast fashion, we live for trends and what’s in and out. We throw away clothes so easily because we think we won’t look as good with newer things. And we buy cheap items cheaply made without a thought to where they come from. Many of these items being made are done so by people who are getting paid so little. It has to change and we need to buy better. I buy a lot of vintage clothes or second hand stuff, I also like to buy from small businesses as well, so I am able to know better where the items come from. I shall take the survey 🙂 x

    1. Thank you for your reply. And yes it is sad that we live in a time of fast fashion and its also a mind set. Seeking a thrill in buying something new and receiving compliments. But I believe people should be working towards a signature style rather than a trend based style as I think this would reduce waste after all a PVC pencil skirt (I’ve seen one in the window of a well known high street shop) might seem like a good idea at the time but its most likely your going to trier of that trend pretty quickly (PVC is not a breathable fabric.) I’m glad you are taking steps to buy better, I know the struggle, after all we are visual people and are drawn to aesthetic’s. X

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