Back your data up!

[lack of imagery due to having lost everything]

Its been a while since I posted last but rather than this being a sorry-I-haven’t-posted-in-while type of post I wanted it to be a warning to others the importance of backing up data on your laptop. You may or may not know but I am in my third year of university and if there was ever a bad time for your laptop to die it would be now. So all of those notes I wrote on my report topic are lost, I’ve managed to patch things up well considering. But only because half my notes were hand written and I managed to get a copy of my proposal back of my tutor. If only I had of remembered to save everything to my usb I would still have everything minus my laptop. When your laptop dies the worst part isn’t having a useless bit of plastic it losing everything on it. Photo’s, memories, work. There is a way to get the data back but for now the old laptop is sitting cold waiting for the day.

So let this be a warning back up your files and don’t rely on the remember me setting in log-in’s to do all the work.

Back your data up!

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