Scandaleyes eyeliner reveiw – update

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When I first tried Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick and thin eyeliner I loved it. It had a felt tip pen end which made it super easy to apply and achieve different thickness’s. I couldn’t fault it as it had staying power. But since then I have felt out of love with it very quickly. If you know me you will know I rarely wear make-up in the summer and save eyeliner for nights out and special occasions so I was surprised to find that the pen has almost dried out and that smooth application which I raved about is no more. I managed to apply the body of my eyeliner but failed to create the signature flick due to a fuss bit which was create on the tip which I think was caused by the eyeliner pen being dry. I thought I had managed to salvage the situation and rushed out the door for my date when my boyfriend pointed out that my eyeliner had gone wrong and resulted in me explain how I was trying to create a flick as I rubbed out the attempt. The date when smoothly I just wish I could say the same for the eyeliner. Its fair to say I won’t be buying this again.


If you want to read the orginal review along with the other make-up reveiws (which I still recommend) you can read it here


Scandaleyes eyeliner reveiw – update

5 thoughts on “Scandaleyes eyeliner reveiw – update

  1. Refreshing to see an honest post. Personally, I’ve grown more used to wearing eyeliner, but I keep it simple with just an easy, soft-tipped pencil. I just use the one that came in my little Ulta free gift set and I love it!

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