Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

LOVE magazine collection fashion Elle Vogue

I love print media (especially magazine’s) some say I might even be slightly addicted. I remember clearly when this addiction started it was my first year of college when we were encouraged to look at fashion magazines to gain an awareness of the industry and I picked up the November 2009 issue of Vogue which as coincidence would have it also starred Georgia May Jagger. I picked it up of the market for a £1, this was the first and last time I saw an issue of uk vogue on the market which then sparked my love for the £4 an issue glossy. So much about this issue was wrong yet it was filled with personality a personality which I haven’t seen in many issues since.
Part of the attaction of print media is it portablity. You can read it anywhere; in the bath, in bed, at the beach, on the train. And not have to worry about it getting stolen or dropping it in the bath (unless you collect them like me, more on that later). Its this ease of reading which makes it such a joy to read and allows you the pleasure of self indulgence. I find the perfect way to relax is flicking through a glossy magazine and eating chocolate. For me this is the ultimate me time where I can relax in silence while staying away from the computer screen.
I love magazines as the writing is just as important as the images (if not more so). There are very few blogs or websites for that matter that I can pour over like a magazine. Very often I read blogs with very little writing that have aced the imagery and this is all very good for getting inspiration about what real people wear but every now and then I want to read something to inspire my creative side. Even the wonderful Susie Lau at Style Bubble doesn’t manage to have it all. She writes amazing editorials which are both informative and personal, she allows her self to become relatable while mingling in a world which is just out of reach for the everyday person. What I love about her blog is the quality of writing with great images and to be honest I have yet to find a blog that meets up to her. I can find plenty of personal and street style blogs but its rare that I stumble across a fashion blog which has such emphasis on writing. I feel this is the strength of the magazines is the writing and they should capitalise on that. I am currently reading LOVE magazine and I assure you it is well worth the £6 I pay as it only comes out every six months and has enough text and great photo spreads to keep be occupied for a while not to mention it looks great on the coffee table (you would hardly want to leave your ipad laying around).
I love magazines for the amazing photo shoots which have been shot by the likes of Bill Bailey and Tim Walker which I reference more in my work than I do fashion designers as in these photoshoots they bring everything together starting with a story, a character and then bringing in the clothes and the props to create something that is visually inspiring and worthy of being a tear-sheet in my sketch book. On some levels I think fashion photography might even be underrated and I would certainly like to see more fashion photography exhibition’s about.
tim walker magazine photoshoot spread
Another reason why magazines still hold such a force in a digital world is creditability.  I’m not saying that magazines get there facts straight all the time or don’t have investors to please but you can generally count on the editorials you read to be back up by solid research and facts. For example I am much more likely to trust an article I read in a magazine about the exercise and health than I would on the internet as they have more liability if they get there facts wrong than a blog. After all on the internet anyone can publish anything and even with the best of intentions stories and facts can be lead array with personal feelings and opinions. I can think of several things I have read knowing full well that it has been dosed with a lot of personal opinion and I guess that comes with the nature of blogging as generally you are writing something that comes very close to the home and are personal to you in some way or another.
I love magazines for there quality of content and there physical existence (all me old fashioned). Nothing beats holding a good weighty fashion magazine with great paper quality. The strengths of a magazine is its diversity of content in one place, it safes time going to lots of different sources and instead you can just go to one. The dynamics of print media are certainly changing but I believe this will only result in them upping there game and creating more beautiful magazines, I feel it might even go into the realms of collectables after all I collect all of my fashion magazines and I doubt I am alone in this. I see fashion magazines being designed more specifically for this purpose. I can see much more emphasis on paper quality and graphic’s as magazines seek to capitalize on there strengths. I see the quality of the magazines content will increase as they seek to complete with internet sources. I know for one that I will be right behind this move as despite how many blogs I read (which seem to have become an addition rather than an alternative) I will still
I love print media especially magazines. I am slightly addicted and living of student funds but it can’t be said that it is without good reason. They are the perfect way to relax after uni and they can some what count as research….. (after all it houses some amazing photoshoots). I don’t think anything quite does it in the same way after all I can’t collect blogs on my book shelve no matter how great a read they were. There is no doubt I am going to have to cub this addiction but in the mean time you will see me flicking through the pages of LOVE, Vogue, Elle, Oh comely and lets face it any other magazine I can get my hands on. Part of it is definitely related to my tenancy to collect and hold on to inspirational content. Magazines are rich in content that you may not have stumbled upon on line and it will still be there in years to come and won’t get lost in all the mass of content online.
magazine spreads atlanta LOVE
bambi magazine photoshoot magazine spread
Do you prefer reading websites/blogs or print magazine? Perhaps both? Let me know in the comments.

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Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

17 thoughts on “Why I love print media! (especially magazines)

  1. Great post. There’s been a lot of discussion around print media of late and whether it can survive in a digitally obsessed world. With the rise of fashion blogs, and in particular, personal style blogs, a lot of girls are reaching for their laptops more than they are magazines these days but still, I don’t think that magazines will die out. What girl doesn’t love to escape to another world, turning page after page of high fashion campaigns. Blogs are great for seeing ‘real’ girls and how they’re styling affordable high street trends but there is very little focus on quality content and that’s something i want more of.

    1. Thank you. It is true that more girls are reaching for laptops, I find myself only buying the magazines which have great quality content and leaving (for example) company on the shelve as what can I get from that I can’t get of the web.
      Blogs are great for seeing real girls but it is fair to say that even in blogging there is a hierarchy in terms of image but I think that is more down to the reader than the bloggers available out there. The quality of content is definitely missing from blogging and I want to see more of it.

  2. I am so agreeing with you here! There is nothing much like reading a magazine: the feeling of the paper, the smell of the paper, the beautiful covers and editorials. I don’t think I can ever get enough of it. Just like you I am a student of student funds, but I try to buy my favourite magazines every once in a while. Even though the international editions (UK, US, France, Italy) of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and LOVE magazine can cost up to €12 here in the Netherlands. Well, agreed they truly do look good on my coffee table and I will keep them forever safe. It’s an investment. Plus, as an architecture student I like to say I find my inspiration in fashion, haha.

    xoxo, Sam

    1. I’m glad you agree with me. Nothing beats an in print magazine. I love the writing as well as the photoshoots which is the only reason I haven’t brought a copy of Italian Vogue yet. I think its an investment which is why I wouldn’t want to buy Vogue for the Ipad as I don’t feel like you would get the same feeling of having brought something and you couldn’t put the pages in your scrape book.

  3. I went to a talk about fashion journalism lately with the editors of an online magazine, but when they asked the audience if they preferred to read fashion mags online or in print, everyone replied ‘in print’. I think we all like the idea of holding it and owning it. Personally I love going back to them a few years later and taking fresh inspiration or even cutting them up to make moodboards!


    1. I think that people read online simply for another outlet but at the end of the day I feel nothing I have read online (as a whole) could beat reading a magazine in print. I always go back to my magazines years later too. I have my favourite and I know which magazine to find them in too. I feel the collector is what will keep magazines alive in the years to come.

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