Bee Mine, Jewellery

I was buzzing around the Asos website as you do and came across these eye catching necklaces by Bill Skinner. My boyfriends first thoughts when I showed them to him (in Fenwicks Canterbury) was “is that a fly?” to which I responded with “Bumble bee”. There are some things which guys don’t understand and in this case it is the simple allure of 18ct gold plated bumble bee, a creature that is terrifying in the garden but somehow cute when taken as inspiration for these charming necklaces. I find the bumble bee on a plate of honey comb particularly charming as it add a bit of sweetness to a bug inspired collection. I find it odd how all of a sudden I have developed a Jewellery fascination especially considering I don’t really wear a lot of it. Jewellery holds its charm in the fact they are very beautiful wearable object that become collectables (a bit like stamp collecting but sparkier and more useful).

honeycomb jewellery, bee, bumble bee
Honeycomb Necklace . £80 . Bill Skinner click here
Bee Necklace . £60 . Bill Skinner click here
Bee and honeycomb necklace . £95 . Bill Skinner click here

P.S if you are inspired by the Bee Jewellery but don’t have the budget I have found super cute necklace by American label Dogeared which is in the sale for £36 (which still isn’t cheap but it makes the perfect gift) click here

Do lust over Jewellery you can’t afford? Let me know in the comments.

If you want playful designer jewellery which is more on the affordable side take a look at ROAR-some  Pre-historic Jewellery

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Bee Mine, Jewellery

4 thoughts on “Bee Mine, Jewellery

      1. yeah well its a twist on my name, i’ve been called it all my life and still can’t believe I don’t have bee-related jewellery! thanks for the inspiration.. 🙂

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