Jane Bowler an innovative fashion designer

Jane Bowler is an innovative fashion designer and fast becoming her trade mark is her ability to transform inexpense material through a process of unique techniques. Her hand dyed fabrics and use of innovative heat forming techniques allows for a collection that is playful with a sophisticated edge.

I first came across Jane Bowler at a workshop event held by the V & A back in 2012. The workshop gave you a chance to experiment with basic materials such as rubber, PVC with the use of eyelets and scissors, my creations were some what basic but the potential was there. Since that moment I have been hooked. I can’t help but be lead into a world that is simply an indulge of creativity. Despite my laid back vs polished style I have a lust for any-thing-out-of-the-ordinary and some what bonkers. Jane Bowler is eye candy for anyone who has an appreciation for outlandish and quirky designs.

Jane Bowlers Spring/Summer 13 collection Undercurrent is nothing but what you would expect from a designer who is know for her innovation. Using circles to an array of effects from appliqué to cut out to combining the two. The collection name Undercurrent implies that it has take inspiration from the movement in the sea and this is evident in the placement of the embellishment that seem to float. Underwater adventures never seemed more alluring with watery sequins and fragmented embellishment against loose knit that reminds me of the fishing nets I used to see when I went to the ferry with my dad. Talking of childhood past this collection ignites foolish dreams of mermaids and titans when Atlantis was real throw on against the harsh reality that we know more about space than the depths of our oceans.

Jane Bowler sparks creativity time and time again proving she is no one-trick-pony. Jane Bowler is one to watch and keep watching.


Does she inspire your creative juices? Or perhaps you would love to wear Jane Bowler. Let me know in the comments.


Jane Bowler an innovative fashion designer

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