Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

Philomene beaded necklace . £320.00 Kat&Bee Jewellery

Kat&Bee Jewellery was founded by Kat Barry back in August 2010 out of her inherent passion for style and creativity. She works from her design studio’s in East London to create jewellery that is a perfect mix of contemporary energy and chaotic style. What I love about her work is the youthful energy which could work across all ages. There is something very sophisticated about her work but she doesn’t let that  deter from her creativity which results in jewellery that is very desirable.

There latest collection takes inspiration from the South of France, it capture the spirit of a place that can only be described as glamorous, laid back with a dashes of sophistication by the beach also known as “St Tropez”. I have never been to this sparkling gem of a place myself but I have heard enough about St Tropez to know that this collection capture the spirit of such a place. This collection indulges into a lifestyle which is set aside for the rich and wealth, and I can’t help but be a victim of the allure. This is one collection that I will be lusting over as unfortunately I don’t have the budget yet but its still more attainable than a weekend in St Tropez. If there is one piece of Jewellery I want from the collection most its this Philomene beaded necklace as  I love the way the sunset beads contrast with the Turquoise and off-set by the beaded chain.



Kat&Bee Jewellery, statement necklace, summer jewellery
Oceane Beaded Necklace . £280.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery
statement jewellery
Florence Chain Bracelet . £165.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery
Genevieve Beaded Bracelet . £210.00 . Kat&Bee Jewellery

Take a look at there St Tropez Collection here

I would love to know what you think about the St Tropez collection from Kat&Bee, let me know in the comment.



Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

5 thoughts on “Get a taste of St Tropez with statement Jewellery from Kat&Bee

    1. Hi Joice, Thank you I’m glad you appreciate it. I don’t normally respond to the “Follow me, I’ll follow you” But I loved your blog which show cases your style which is relaxed/stylish.
      Love Gem X

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