1205 brings new meaning to androgyny

We have had androgynous woman and men in skirts but now there is 1205; a brand that plays on the idea of a unisex wardrobe. Unlike the try hard gimmicks of men in skirts this movement is flawless in process, effortlessly getting the balance right between masculinity and femininity. I’m not really one for minimalist but I had to make an exception for 1205 as I find the idea of a unisex wardrobe intriguing. They are almost legitimizing the idea of sharing your wardrobe with your boyfriend, and I’m not talking about that time you stole his T-shirt. 1205 is sophisticated and (I don’t even know if I should use this word but I am) sexy. Yes I called it, there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing masculine clothes. The way these clothes drape of the female form is something to admire, it says something about the woman. The 1205 woman is laid back and independent qualities that rarely get attached to a woman (in fashion) who are often idolized to a point they seem fictional. That’s what I love about this collection: I can imagine real woman wearing it.

But before I get carried away about the woman lets talk about the man, after all this is a unisex collection. Again the 1205 man is laid back but in a way that only a man completely comfortable with him self could. Its for the man that wants to be suited and booted but wants to walk through tailoring effortlessly. 1205 man retains his masculinity while giving a heads up to femininity. Femininity in menswear is not something to be laughed at nor is it something unattainable, 1205 gets the balance pitch perfect with subtle pleating and removal of excess details.

1205 . Collection


1205 . Collection



1205 . Collection


1205 . Collection

If there is one thing in this collection that I desire most it is these over-sized pin striped trousers (above and below) which subtly suggest relax-ism (I may have made that word up) while retaining dignity. I can imagine pulling these on with a T-shirt tucked in and a leather jacket thrown on for an early morning start at University. Nothing says making an effort effortlessly more than relaxed tailoring.

1205 . Collection




1205 describes there signature as “Restrained modern tailoring” and I couldn’t describe it better. The notion of the fabrics against the Unisex backdrop calls of any indulgences, 1205 is the new modern as its in-excessive even down to the idea that you could potentially share this wardrobe with your other half, nothing beats excessivism more than sharing. Although I’m not sure my boyfriend will buy that when I explain why I should be able to share his shirts.

1205 is more than just androgyny, its more sophisticated than that.

1205 brings new meaning to androgyny

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