ROAR-some Pre-historic Jewellery

Triceratops necklace by Designosaur
Triceratops necklace by Designosaur

Designosaur designs Dinosaur Jewellery

As a child I was always terrified by Dinosaurs as a kid I was the one ducking down in my seat as I watched Jurassic Park but now  I’ve embraced all things dino and banished those childhood fears. The new obsession with dinosaurs started with a trip to the Natural History Museum in London since stumbling upon designosaur I am hooked.

Designosaur is a Brighton based Jewellery company that specialize in creating striking and unique necklaces, brooches and ring in acrylic and cherry wood. Its needless to say that there signature pieces are  dinosaurs but if your not a massive fan of the extinct creatures there are plenty of other designs to choose from. My favourite is this ‘bang’ necklace which was made in collaboration  with Florrie.

I am in love with my Triceratops necklace as it blings up any outfit. I prefer to wear with Black skinny jeans, a cropped black T-shirt and a denim jacket. This is a perfect piece for those lazy days when you want to make a statement with little effort. This gold statement necklace arrived as part of a goody bag that only cost me £25.  It was pot luck which pieces I got but I can tell you it was worth the risk when I opened up the box to find this gem.

Designosaur - Lucky Dip box
Designosaur – Lucky Dip box

As it was pot luck I was slightly disappointed with the earrings as I was hoping for some cuff-links to give to my boyfriend. I think that the lilac  Parasaurolophus is a really cute piece and is perfect for anyone who wants a taste of designosaur without the big ROAR.

If you dare to wear Dinosaur you should definitely check out there website.

ROAR-some Pre-historic Jewellery

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