Is punk really back?


Punk is everywhere. You just have to flick through a recent copy of Elle or Vogue to see the influence. I wrote about this a couple of months back in my article “Punk’in it” where I ask “has punk fashion become a trend rather than a life style.” And the truth is it probably has just became a trend with its influences everywhere from studs to safety pins. One thing punk lends itself well to is updating old clothes and being them new life through anarchy.

Quick DIY ideas to nailing the Punk trend (Vote for your favourite in the comments)

  • Grab that denim jacket and some sandpaper; now start sanding.
  • Stud might be over done but its a quick way to rock up a T-shirt.
  • Create peekaboo detail through cut and safety pin loosely back together.
  • Paint that leather Jacket.

I’ll do a DIY tutorial for the one with the most votes, so be sure to let me to comment below.


Is punk really back?

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