4 Easy ways to be Stylish and Sustainable

After flicking through the latest glossy magazines it may seem like style and sustainability are poles apart but when you strip it down to basics its quite easy. I have put it into four easy steps to follow:

1) Buy Less, Choose Well

This is the most simple and easy step to follow. Rather that buying a lot of items at say £8 from primark put the money you might have spend on these ill fitting clothes that will probably fall about quite soon on something a bit more expensive that you will treasure forever. The key to tackling fast fashion and making it more sustainable is to tap into that emotional side. There is a reason you might be holding on to those converses that are falling apart and that is because you have grown emotionally attached  to this item. In fact the more you wear something the more precious this item becomes. The old the item is the more prestige it holds; there is a reason you keep wearing it time after time.

The top below is by Vivenne Westwood and cost the equivalent of 5 tops from the High street at £54 pounds each so its by no means cheap but the fact that you had to save for this item means that you will treasure it for years to come; will you remember those tops you got from the high street even in 6 months to come?

Chinzed Voile Shirt by Vivienne Westwood (Red Label) £270

2) DIY

Ok you had this top which was right on trend last year but now it just looks a bit dated. Rather than throwing it away update this item with DIY. DIY doesn’t have to be complicated its all about working with what you have and its a great way to get more trend lead peices into your wardrobe. It could be as simple as making minder alterations to an oversized T-shirt. Vlogger rumminginmycloset has some great DIY tutorials you can follow.

3) Buy Locally

A way to a sustainable future is to buy locally. This doesn’t just mean your local highstreet (where did the clothes travel from before they got to you?) but local designers. By supporting local designers and crafts people you are supporting your community and local industry. Fashion is a great way to do this as you are supporting local talent and the local economy. To build an economy in basic terms you need goods in which to sell and consumers who can afford these items; so why not pass it on.

These Beau’s are by Huiyitan; that specialise in handmade jewellery and they are based in England. Check out their shop:http://www.etsy.com/shop/huiyitan?ref=seller_info

sterling silver weather forecast studs £24 from Huiyitan

4) Share

This really is the most easy steps to follow. You know how you have been eyeing up that new top she is wearing? Well why not suggest that she borrows something of your in exchange for you borrowing her top. Not only will this ensure your not seen wearing the same garment at the same time but it is also a fun way to collaborate your wardrobes (just make sure you trust the other person).

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 4 easy steps to being stylish and sustainable.

4 Easy ways to be Stylish and Sustainable

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