Golden Sunshine – Well a girl can wish…

Illustration by Gemma Marshall-Savage

The weather might not be golden sunshine yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a touch of gold until then. The quickest way to brighten up any day is a quick splash of perfume which is why I adore my signature perfume J’adore Dior. It comes in this feminine gold bottle which reminds me of the female form and smells like a summers day with fresh notes of Bergamot and Jasmine. My go to lipstick at the moment is Ceramide Ultra Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden in Tulip just for the golden case  which is simple divine and the weight it holds you know its a lipstick worth holding. The lipstick its self applies smoothly with moist texture. Once applied the rosy pink colour lasts and can be blotted down if you simply want  a soft natural-looking tint to the lips (which is how I usually wear it). It must be said that I have a slight addiction to Nail polish with good reason too as its the easiest way to change  the mood of an outfit with minimal effort. I have to say as my anticipation for summer heightens my desire for the deep red (almost black) shade of nail polish fades. The solution? Chelsea Embankment by Nails Inc. Its a clear based glitter nail polish which sparkles to dazzle, and dazzles to sparkle to give you the golden touch.

I would love to know what beauty picks brighten up your day.

Golden Sunshine – Well a girl can wish…

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