How many different meals can you come up with? With pretty much the same ingrediant to work with.

I apologies for not being on it recently with the blog posts as I have been really busy moving into my new house and starting a new year at University. Its been a very busy couple of weeks.

In today’s post I thought I’d be letting you catch up with what I have been doing and besides University and seeing “The perks of being a Wallflower” (which I recommend you all see) I have been cooking. And I don’t mean pot noodles which is the usual cuisine of a student. No I have been trying to cook reasonably priced, healthy and delicious meals other than Tuna and Cheese pasta which is all I pretty much ate last year.

When I decided to cook healthy good food I really didn’t know what to cook. In fact the ideas came to me after picking up a box of plum tomato’s which looked really juicy, the funny thing is I don’t really like tomato’s. Then I thought about making a tomato sauce, then came the mushrooms, spinach, cheese and seafood.

First I chopped the vegetables. Then I added tomato’s to a pan with some olive oil, then I added the mushrooms and after both were cooked I added the spinach for the last 30 seconds. It doesn’t need long. I also added dried basil, freshly grounded pepper and a sprinkle of salt to season.  While I was cooking the vegetables I was also simmering some pasta. Then I added the seafood.


After the seafood is heated through I added then to the now drained pasta and to finish I grate cheese over it then stir.


And to dazzle it up why not add extra cheese! I don’t like to tease (much) but this was delicious.


I am hardly a proffesioal cheif after having made one successful meal but having been rather pleased with the result and being left with a  load of Tomato’s and spinach I experimented a bit more. Here are the results:

I give you pan fried chicken with fresh tomato’s, mushrooms, spinach with a drizzle of honey.


Having loved the edition of the honey I decide to honey glaze the chicken pieces the next day. Which I have to add was even better than adding a drizzle at the last minute  I’m telling you if I had mustard that would be right in there too.

Now I give you prawns with a sprinkle of cheese which was meant to be prawns in a creamy cheesy sauce.


And I could resist my childhood favourite of Tuna and Cheese pasta. But I did add sweet corn and a side salad. So that kinda makes up for it, right?


I know this is an usual post for me but the truth is I love food and thought it was only fair that I explained what I had being doing for the last week or so. I will be back with the usual fashion and style stuff but don’t be surprised if I do slip in food in here and there. After all I called it a fashion and lifestyle blog for a reason.

I hope this has inspired you to test your cooking skills (and sometimes your taste buds) with some experimental cooking. After all experimental is better than pot noodles. I’d love to hear about your cooking experiences.




How many different meals can you come up with? With pretty much the same ingrediant to work with.

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