“Why are you like somebodies died?” – Capturing Wednesday Addams.

Autumn is here and winter is quickly approaching. This means only one thing my style takes a darker edge, my friends call me the “not so secret Goth ” Because I love black, lace, leather and monochrome. I usually look to the like of Wednesday Addam’s for style inspiration and considering I’m blonde it doesn’t look like fancy dress. My obsession with Wednesday Addams goes back to when I was a child and I watching late late night TV at the time they put on old movies when “Addams Family Values” came on (which is lucky considering I was 8 years old at the time) and her character had me hooked right there and then at one in the morning.

So every winter I channel Wednesday Addams.

As soon as I saw this French maids dress By J.W. Anderson, Wednesday Addams clicked in my mind and I knew I’d have to have this dress. Its simple and plain yet it has a discipline that is liken to the icy cold Miss Addams who is self assured in a way that only maturity gives.

£79.99 from Topshop. Item code: 25F85CBLK

A crisp shirt is a staple of every wardrobe and this light blue one is a necessity. I choose this blue one for my edit as I like the top button detail and then the enclosed buttons. The boyish tailoring add to its allure as its sexy yet disciplined. (I have a feeling that discipline is the key to capturing Wednesday’s style.)

£39.99  from Topshop. Item code: 25F99CPBL

This pinafore dress would work perfectly over the crisp shirt. I like the fact its close to looking like School uniform it gives it that familiarity that is so familiar that its surreal. To capture Wednesday there has to be that element of surrealism.

£69.99 from Topshop. Item code: 25G37CFOR

I have posted a pair of shoes similar to these before in bright red now I post them in Oxblood as I adore these Mary-Jane’s. They are both smart and quirky. The deep red is almost black and it’s a beautiful tone. They finish of both dresses perfectly as they have that school girl look with a little bit more. I saw these in the Oxford St Store and they are just as alluring up close as they are in digital image, if not more so.

£62.00 from Topshop. Item code: 32K35COXB

“Why are you dressed like that?” 

Sorry for the low quality image but it capture the point. This is me channelling Wednesday Addams with a playful edge. Take note of the smart cuff. Attention to detail is everything as essentially this look is quite simple and the key to not looking this your in a Halloween costume. Look closer at the cuff’s they are almost like a collar. The simple cut of the dress with the collar and cuff details makes this dress almost seem like a uniform. These black and white Creeper are a favourite of mine and finishes of this look in a way that is both smart and slightly Gothic. After all I am a “not so secret” Goth.

“Why are you like somebodies died?” – Capturing Wednesday Addams.

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