Punkin’ it

Punk fashion started in the 1970’s as an anarchic and aggressive movement. The movement was closely aligned to music. Punk fashion included torn up clothes, safely pin, deconstruction and frayed edges which was a striking move at the time as fabric had always been almost sacred, to be kept as pristine as possible. Doc Martens were a key element of the punk look.

Punk fashion was about self mutilation, bondage, unisex, ugly. It was anti-fashion.

But has punk fashion become a trend rather than a lifestyle? Is it still about anarchy and aggression? Has anti-fashion became fashion?

Let me know in the comments what you think.

Punkin’ it

3 thoughts on “Punkin’ it

  1. I think that some people live the lifestyle and want to make a statement by their looks but sometimes you just cant help to wear something that you think look amazing but still dont want to make the same statement. But do you think that would be wrong?

    1. No I don’t think this would be wrong. I was just observing really, how we live in a time where style is different to making a political statement and how the times have changed, we are making new statements which are more about the visuals rather than anything deeper. We live in a time where pop stars dress as rock stars and vans aren’t just the skaters choice of footwear. Where a girl can shave the side of her head and do it for beauty rather than to rebel against beauty. I’m not saying everyone who does this do it for the same reasons but just how the reasons people might do the same thing conflict. I have always been blonde but one day I dyed my hair ginger as I disliked the way I was perceived, although I did go back to blonde after I stopped caring. This is one example of how I changed my style to make a statement.

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