Louis Vuitton and the Winter Coat.

Louis Vuitton’s latest collection is oversized like a cartoon. This is one of my favourite jackets from the collection. I adore the BIG buttons and the oversized rounded collar. Its playful yet sophisticated. No little girls here yet the collection isn’t take its self to seriously. She is a woman who knows how to have fun and still remain elegant.

If you love this jacket but haven’t quite got the budget then I’d suggest you go to a charity shop or find an old jacket and then customize it. Preferably choose a coat or jacket which is over sized and replace the buttons for even big buttons which are quirky but still in keeping with the jacket. Remember that the new button might not be able to fit through the old button hole, in which case you will need to gently cut the button hole open a bit more then stitch around the button hole to neaten and prevent fraying.

This is an illustration I have done which was inspired by a fashion spread in Vogue.

Louis Vuitton and the Winter Coat.

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