Lashing fears other Slashing



I’ve been quite busy other the last few weeks. I have just moved into my new house and I’ve also been to Reading Festival. So sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. One fashion trend I wanted to talk about before my busy schedule was clashing prints. I’ve always had a soft spot for prints and the idea of clashing them sounds like a whole lot of fun. Although clashing does sound like the beginning of a horror story. Clashing in its self induces a feeling of both foolish optimism and hopeful fear. It will either go too well or hideously; there is no middle ground. I think the key to clashing is that the prints aren’t to similar otherwise it will just look like you have tried to match the prints and failed. Also choose one block colour. Remember fearlessness is the key to pulling of this look. For fail safe clashing stick to geometric prints. Not only will this give you a polished look, its easier to clash than florals for example. And if your in need look no further than Prada her self.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Lashing fears other Slashing

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