Margate Journal





Margate was the next stop. Having been inspired by the weather to trade in my Doc Martens for some more suitable shoes for the weather, I opted for these modern Suede green and wooden wedge. I could have walked in these shoes all day. The Denim summer dress is a favourite of mine which I have had since I was 17.
Dress is from Topshop and I brought it for £15 in the sale. The shoes are also from Topshop and they were £45. The sunglasses were £1 of the market. And the handbag is my trusted Vintage one.

I didn’t quite realise how white I was. I wear factor 50+ which although is a little oily it protects my skin nicely. I like to keep white as I can or wear fake tan as a tan may look nice now but it ages your skin considerably.

I don’t know if any of you heard but a Tracey Emin exhibition called “She lay down deep beneath the Sea” is currently showing at the Turner Contemporary. Which is her first major solo exhibition at  Turner Contemporary in Margate. I had read the reviews before I went and was quite excited but it has to be said I found it a tad disappointing. And in need of some life drawing lessons about how to get the shape of the head correct. Lets just say that next time my life drawing teacher makes a sarcastic remark about the heads in my drawings, I’ll just point out Emins drawings. Or may not.

However it was worth seeing the neon lights

Although her skill may lack there is no missing the intended beings of this exhibition. Its almost like looking into her personal journals and scribbles. So if your wanting a master piece look no further than the entrance hall (where you will see Rodin’s the Kiss) but if you want to see a person’s most honest thoughts look no further.

To read more on her exhibition at Margate:

As I mentioned a second ago Rodin’s The Kiss was on display. This is an act work that I have written essays about and finally I got to see it in the flesh at 360 degrees.


Another Exhibition on show was that of Mark Wallinger called Sinema Amnesia. Which is basic term was a metal container with a projection in real time of the beach. In artistic terms it was a black void where you could tell what was real and what wasn’t. It was hard to believe that you were seeing the now as you forgot that it was light outside. And became incapsuled in the dark.


The Streets of Margate.


I decided to go into the vintage shopping area of Margate and rather than look at the array of clothes I got distracted by this graffiti fox.


And pig. They added character and playful (I like that word) charm. 


To be honest all the window displays were distracting me. This dart display is colour but not deadly (there were no points on the darts.)


In my wanderings I came across this very much loved Tree.


They made this building almost look like a newspaper. I always find these old advertisements charming. So if you work at an advertising firm, I recommend painting your adverts on the wall.


This image was taken in the plastic bulb outside Rough Trader.


Margate was all you would expect of a seaside town. There was seafood, fairgrounds, arcades, sand and sea, although there were no donkeys. It was half run down but on the other hand in was growing. The vintage shops were in there handfuls and the artistic touches didn’t go a miss. I would definitely go back for a day trip.

I took these photo’s my self.




Margate Journal

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