Never have I had a Sandwich in Sandwich

At the weekend I went to Sandwich  in the lovely county of Kent. I didn’t even know there could be a place called Sandwich, let alone actually be a place. I’m afraid I did try any Sandwich’s from Sandwich. I’ll save that for another time. The weather was marvellous. I’m English, I talk about the weather. Deal with it. We set of first to Sandwich, which I can only describe as a true English town. It was Beautiful with its winding streets and back alleys. Bunting Stretched across the street.


It also happened to be the Sandwich 40’s fair. With 40’s music, vintage cars and Vintage market. It took place in the town Square. The spirit was all in the community and the community was beaming.  The photo below is of one of the performances at the 40’s fair, I wasn’t able to take a great picture of her as she went to leave the stage as I took this. But you can still get a taste of some of the style available at the fair. Their was even a fancy dress theme, if I had of known I’d have dressed up.



There were a few vintage cars (a few being the key word, as I counted about 3). I really liked this Vintage Black Cab. You would defonitly need a stylist but sturdy luggage bag for this gem of a car. I really like the metal GB plates.


This has to be the prettiest most inviting alley way I have ever seen.


I then took a walk down to the Waterfront, where we went to get an ice cream. It has to be said I like a man in button down collar shirt.  We then went for charming walks along the river bank. I wish I could say we fed the ducks but alas we didn’t have any bread.

Then came Margate but you’ll have to wait for that.

Never have I had a Sandwich in Sandwich

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