Wow that was Something Special.

I sit on my bed, eyes wide open its 2 in the morning. I’m still hyped up from the Closing Ceremony. An what a show. The world asked for a show and they got it. In a way that only Great Britain could give it. Prince Harry was rather dashing in the place of Her Royal Majesty the Queen.Which made a change from shots of her twiddling her thumbs (not that I could blame her, Countries just kept coming). George Michael, what a performance. Need I say more. Russell Brand, you just loved it, didn’t you?  After all you dress like a wannabe Rock star and we all know you love your girls. There were plenty of girls; loving the swim suits with the draped fabric from the sleeves. Spice girls create effort, but there was a reason you arrived by Taxi and Jessie J, Tinnie Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz got Bentley’s. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell you were sensational. The Who, I will leave it at that.

Look on the Bright side of Life.

Only in England could you get Indian Dances and Nun’s on Rollerblades on the same stage. Freddie Mercury, we miss you. Take That, we did rule the world. Annie Lenox you were “Sweet Dreams” to my ears. Queen Guitar solo made there performance. Emeli Sande you have some voice. I will write a full review Tomorrow when I am less hyped. And have more time.

Imagine all the people.

Wow that was Something Special.

3 thoughts on “Wow that was Something Special.

  1. I did not get to see the entire ceremony because my satellite stopped working! It sounds like it was wonderful though! Seeing as you live in the UK, I can only imagine how great it would have been. I know the UK doesn’t just include England, but did you get to see any of the events?:D

    1. You should definitely watch all of it if you get a chance. It was Bizarre in places but that’s what made it fun. Due to how hard the tickets were to get hold of I didn’t get a chance to see any of the sporting events which was a shame. But I did get to see the Olympic touch come through my hometown, the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone who could have made it turned up as the streets were full. 🙂

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