“I’m not a bird that would adapt well to having their wings clipped.” Agyness Deyn

The model Agyness Deyn has collaborated with Dr Martens on a collection of clothing accessory’s and footwear. Working closely with the creative team at Dr Martens to bring you a collection which can only be described as 90’s Grunge with modern styling.

She says she was inspired by famous 90’s couples. You can better Winona Ryder and her then boyfriend Johnny Depp was definitely an inspiration.

“I have always had a really intense relationship with Dr Martens, right from my first pair when I was 13, which I brought as a combination of showing that I wanted to rebel against my parents and they were the coolest boots I could get away with wearing to school which stood for something that gave me my own stamp of originality.” Agyness Deyn said about her relationship with Dr Martens.

I really like the dresses above and I can see how you could Grunge it up with a denim jacket and chunky DM’s. Although I feel its the styling and the length that make them grunge rather than the pretty pastel colours. I would wear this during the summer. The collection is very Agyness Deyn in style and feel however I really can’t see Winona wearing these two dresses unless you dyed them black. Anyone who has designed a collection knows not to take the inspiration to literally so I feel that it capture the essence of the 90’s grunge and throwing on anything it also adds a playful pop through colour and print.

If there is one thing I want from this collection its this bag in the classic Dr Martens colour of Cherry red. In its playful shape and its satchel feel. I like this collection for its key pieces and feel it could be easily mixed in to any wardrobe. After all that the 90’s edge; to feel like you’ve always been wearing that. For it not to feel to new, for your clothes to be well loved.

“I’m not a bird that would adapt well to having their wings clipped.” Agyness Deyn

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